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started a discussion titled "Devil's Beasts." in Tales of Xillia

I really like her. She's like a slightly happier Arietta, but who can't communicate with monsters (that I know of). read more

Arietta, Anise, and Elize should meet up and have some tea together or something.
Have they "merged" the Wii U and 3DS point cards? I want to ask my aunt to get me some 3DS ones but I'm confused. :/
Now playing Tales of Xillia. So far it's very promising.
Finally responded to my PSN Friend Requests. It only took me a year, lol.
likes Virtue's status update: "The day I move out will be a glorious one indeed"

The characters were what I didn't like for the most part. They were pretty... Average for a Tales... read more

Yeah that's the only thing I really like of Vesperia - The design of the cities and dungeons. I... read more

Just beat Tales of the Abyss for a second time. What a true masterpiece this game is.

Was supposed to happen months ago. Guess we have to hope it doesn't get pushed to next year. read more

It looks as though the Neoraffle has 404'd.

Yeah I'm not trying to change your opinion or anything - Just decided to type all that up because... read more

I think Symphonia would be my third favorite Tales game. It was my first Tales game, and I'm dying... read more

Tales of the Abyss... You definitely are my favorite Tales game ever. So many feels.
likes Child of Death and D's status update: "can yesallwomen and bringbackourgirls do a lesbo shoot"
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