Is there a release date for the new Smash yet? Just got some giftcards, and I don't know if I should wait for that or just use them.
I am not a soccer fan or anything, but PLEASE Germany WIN. If Argentinians win we will have to deal with their ego for four years.

I wrote a script to get me all the image links of galleries at ex-hentai. Instead of saving 500... read more

Writing Greasemonkey scripts is fun and useful. I may use it to fix some Neo quirks.
likes Insanity Prevails' status update: "Kinda curious how many notifications Insanity has due to people not realising they need a second @ for my username."

I think they're lacking some Concentration. read more

.... That sounds like a good plan. I replaced her with Alvin so he could break Muzét shields while she healed. read more

Just played ACNL with Pikachu and Uvailable like the good ol' times.
Not like anybody cares but I actually put more than 80 hours into Xillia, making it the longest Tales game I have played.
I too could beat the hardest enemies, if I had infinite over limits, mystic artes, and Hourglass. Gayest boss battle in Tales history.
changed their avatar to avatar