I asked my cousin who lives in the USA to pre-order it for me so she can give it to me when she... read more

Name all the moe things you can think of. Go!

Thanks. Was just asking to see if I could ask my dad from Spain to get me a Wii U or get an... read more

Probably a stupid question but is the Wii U region locked?
Fixing gigantic SQL files is such a pain.

Holy shit it's going to be so so so amazing. I cannot wait. Maybe I should play Milla's route on... read more

CRS Friendly Reminder: Writing your cheats with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation accelerates the review process.
likes Duncan Idaho's status update: "People are now getting pissed because there is polyamory in fanfiction and women attempt to help their love interest, lmao"
Restarted my ACNL town. Got the best map ever. Also my ears are good enough to let me make Karma as town tune.
Is there a release date for the new Smash yet? Just got some giftcards, and I don't know if I should wait for that or just use them.
I am not a soccer fan or anything, but PLEASE Germany WIN. If Argentinians win we will have to deal with their ego for four years.

I wrote a script to get me all the image links of galleries at ex-hentai. Instead of saving 500... read more

Writing Greasemonkey scripts is fun and useful. I may use it to fix some Neo quirks.
likes Insanity Prevails' status update: "Kinda curious how many notifications Insanity has due to people not realising they need a second @ for my username."

I think they're lacking some Concentration. read more