Lmfao I am now sitting here in class, awake, reading Jimmy's post, and punching myself in the face... read more

added Roxas as a friend

You see, when I came to this site, my goal was exactly that: to become a moderator. I wanted to... read more

Even Virtue who is one of my closest friends reacted negatively to this status. See how he wasn't... read more

"You only live once."

Google it and you will be amused and disappointed. read more

Roxas: Okay since there's no other way to get this into you, I will just say it as it is.

I have... read more

Justify my conceited behavior?
Here's the thing: I made a joke. It offended people. With or... read more

“It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them... read more

Dammit I bet Charlie would have been the only one who didn't take the last status seriously. You guys need to learn from him.
While you kiddos receive moderator spots, I fill out the forms to start giving jobs. Huehuehuehuehue.
First place in "Best Company to Invest In" today. Life is soooo great right now.
Tomorrow we are presenting the product to an entrepeneur fair. There will be investors. About to pee myself.

Marketing with a twist. We are trademarking and patenting some stuff so I can't say much right now. read more

likes Duncan Idaho's status update: "http://neo.ly/19qBRWN GOD *bleep*ING YES, BEST NEWS OF THE DAY"
We are now legally established as a company. Welp I'm ready to fail and I'm ready to succeed. Either way will do, seriously.
shortman, u better no demote