Moretsu Pirates was one of my favorites, but you probably won't find many people who agree with... read more

I don't remember everything I've seen in 2012, but Shin Sekai Yori is sure one of the best of that year. read more

I need someone to help me test a potential bug in the Cheats system. Anyone available? Sadly, no mods, because they get approved automtclly.

You have probably been recommended Tales of Graces F, Tales of Symphonia remake, and Tales of... read more

For reasons incomprehensible to me, Canderson wasn't on my friends list. Like WTF, man. YOU ARE MY FWEND.
added canderson as a friend

canderson THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME right when I was about to start playing ToS on my PS3. read more

Oh, them. I just know them under their Spanish name. read more

Useless filler text to send the comment through. read more

I asked my cousin who lives in the USA to pre-order it for me so she can give it to me when she... read more

Name all the moe things you can think of. Go!

Thanks. Was just asking to see if I could ask my dad from Spain to get me a Wii U or get an... read more

Probably a stupid question but is the Wii U region locked?
Fixing gigantic SQL files is such a pain.

Holy shit it's going to be so so so amazing. I cannot wait. Maybe I should play Milla's route on... read more

CRS Friendly Reminder: Writing your cheats with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation accelerates the review process.
likes Duncan Idaho's status update: "People are now getting pissed because there is polyamory in fanfiction and women attempt to help their love interest, lmao"
Restarted my ACNL town. Got the best map ever. Also my ears are good enough to let me make Karma as town tune.