If I buy something from Band Camp, can I redownload it as many times as I want a-la-iTunes?

You would have probably paid around the same amount.

I WILL ask you to send me something when I have more money though! read more

I'm about to spend like 267$ in Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. That's how much I love that game. Wallet hurts, but heart be like yay

Shit it's already out!? I have yet to play Xillia :/ read more

A challenge question for Lovedove and other CCS lovers. What happened to Tomoyo's dad? GO GO GO.

My only complaint is that the new PM link color and read PM link color are exactly the same. But... read more

Surprisingly Neoseeker's responsive mobile site seems to work much better than other responsive sites I know.
Duncan Idaho and other Venezuelan seekers, stay safe.
el neoseeker se ha estido
Notify me when it's neoraffle time. Plxkthx.
When in ACFC you throw your axe to a fountain,you get a golden axe.I just learned this is based in an old Japanese folk tale.Thank you anime

It isn't THE best JRPG I have played for PS3, but it was still great. Ghibli didn't disappoint. read more

likes Uvailable's status update: "Any of my JRPG-fan friends played Nino Kuni for the PS3?"
Child of Death and D is back IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED. Maybe there's hope after all. <3 CoDaD. Akhbar.

PSN: Leonnears. (PLS let me know if you add me and your username so I can add you back - I don't... read more

"Praying is like being a regular contributor to fan site forum.Constantly telling God what changes he should make to his work."-RickyGervais

LOL none of them were happy new year wishes actually.


Finally I got a bunch of notifications I care about. <3 thx Virtue, Fluidity, and Pikachu
Instead of spending money on N+, buy me name changes.