6 hours ago
College pls finish soon I wanna play some games.
Nov 12, 15 8:17pm
Haven't watched it, but it looks like today's Nintendo Direct was great. A game with MC Linkle would be really good for the future.
Nov 07, 15 4:24pm
I know I will play Zestiria eventually, but I'm feeling this weird Xillia nostalgia right now. It's definitely one of my fave Tales.
Nov 06, 15 4:26pm
Come on Zestiria... Just 8% to go.
Oct 31, 15 8:53pm
WTF Neoseeker statuses don't support emoji.
Oct 31, 15 8:52pm
I have been downloading Zestiria for over 5 days and it's nowhere near to be done.
Sep 14, 15 5:15pm
Can anyone who uses Netflix check to see if there's a movie for me? Apparently I can't search without an account.
Sep 10, 15 4:24pm
It's supposedly Drama and Comedy, so it should be good.
Sep 10, 15 4:23pm
Our Brand Is Crisis is a movie about something bad that happened in my country in the early 2000's. Coming out Oct 30 in USA. Pls watch it
Sep 05, 15 3:27pm
Would you use a Neoseeker app that started a simple NeoPM client? (Y) or (N)
Aug 20, 15 5:57pm
Chuunibyou is awesome. So go watch that.
Arietta shared a forum thread
Aug 17, 15 9:27pm

Whenever I click my usenrname, NeoPM, Friends, or Notifications, I no longer get the dropdown menus you used to get. When I c

Aug 13, 15 5:04pm
One of my hard drives just died out of the blue. But I kept local backups. Always keep backups, people.
Aug 10, 15 8:45pm
I'd almost literally kill to have the ability to unsubscribe from articles that still send unwanted notifications months later.
Jul 31, 15 7:09pm
The struggle is real when talking about fitness with my friends. Virtue and Tenshi are 'muricans and so don't use the metric system.
Jul 29, 15 2:13pm
GochiUsa was so awesome. Can't wait for the second season.
Jul 24, 15 2:40pm
For the record, Tales of Hearts is an underrated game. Can't believe I couldn't find a walkthrough for it :/.
Jul 22, 15 2:28pm
I definitely need to watch all magical girl anime that aired in the late 90's and early 00's.
Jul 12, 15 8:56pm
I want to take a moment to thank the man who created a good portion of my childhood. RIP Iwata. Truly a big loss for the videogame world.

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