May 15, 16 8:32pm
What's the best Pokémon Wiki for the games? Bulbapedia?
May 14, 16 11:17pm
I 100%'d Super Mario World. Honestly it would have been almost impossible without state restores.
May 10, 16 8:03pm
'murica is moist Virtue
May 08, 16 3:18pm
Seeing 'murican politics everywhere and not being able to escape them.
May 05, 16 9:50pm
A few weeks ago I got my New 3DS, but I should probably play more than classic SNES games. Is Hyrule Warriors any good?
May 01, 16 12:57pm
I always thought Super Mario World was a very short game. No wonder, I just noticed I took the shortcut every time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Apr 27, 16 9:11pm
Animal Crossing coming for smartphones YESSSSSSS
Arietta shared a forum thread
Apr 03, 16 5:47pm

Last I checked the status of the NeoAPI was still incomplete and I don't know to what extent are there plans to finish it

Arietta shared a forum thread
Apr 03, 16 5:22pm

I'm finally looking into a buying a New Nintendo 3DS XL but I'm stuck choosing a memory card. I have read that the de

Mar 31, 16 11:18pm
Nintendo's password requirements are artificially strong. The moment you are limited to an amount of characters, their efforts are a waste.
Mar 30, 16 10:07pm
Neoseeker avatars are loading again and do I say MY AVATAR IS AWESOME ELISE
Mar 25, 16 5:33pm
Is it just me or has Neoseeker been having troubles loading avatars in the past 3 months or so?
Mar 10, 16 9:17pm
Tales of Xillia has the best 1940's jazz tunes in history.
Mar 05, 16 3:26pm
I love Nintendo for releasing RBY for 3DS. I hate them for requiring new 3DS to play SNES games.
Feb 08, 16 5:55pm
Feb 08, 16 5:53pm
Who's idea was it to REQUIRE the Steam desktop client to change your password??? I'd fire that dude.
Feb 04, 16 4:11pm
There's Love Live! PS Vita games???
Jan 24, 16 3:17pm
Love Live was awesome. Now taking suggestions for Idol anime.
Jan 08, 16 10:32pm
Just beat Zestiria. What are these feels running thru my body
Jan 06, 16 7:01pm
Motoi Sakuraba has made a killer soundtrack for Zestiria. It is outstandingly beautiful.

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