I hope the final version of SSB has an option to swap the shield and grab buttons. Other than that it's great.
Stewie and DarkHarvest722 are a combination of awesome. Thanks to them I am now downloading the SSB demo.
> Obtains SSB Demo code. > eShop is down for maintainance. BadLuckArietta
Not like I am extremely desperate or anything, but I will love an early SSB code if anyone has any left to share.
If you have an Apple ID, you have this album for free, already on your account: http://bit.ly/1tsCskd Not like I like U2 or anything

Connecting to the iTunes Store.

Apple event this month, SSBB for 3DS next month. Life is good.
Due to size constraint Amy had to remove the art. Here's an smaller version of it: http://bit.ly/1pqSJCa
Amy has finished drawing my art. I repeat, Amy has finished my art. And like every day, it's awesome. http://bit.ly/1t1PgOg
People who message you on Facebook and start with, "Hi, my name is...".
How big are Neo profile banners?
Btw. Lumiére is best loli, and I wish more characters were like her. That is all.
Definitely anime that don't involve romance are the best.

This is a test macalco calco hue hue. But the limit of one hundred something similar characters is preventing from posting this lorem sammet macalco calco hue hue test.
Changing avatars is always fresh.

I have always heard that connecting many External Hard drives to USB hubs was a dangerous thing to do because they can kill t

Achievement Unlocked: Receive a bunch of notifications that are actually relevant.
I just looked at many of my old threads in the Programming Forum. WTF young me, WTF.
Kiddy Grade (No, it has nothing rto do with kids). AnimeIHadToWatchEonsAgo

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