Got my Xillia copy... But my Xillia 1 physical copy, not Xillia 2, lol.
I'm asking because I'm considering getting a Wii U, but really SSB and WW remake are the only two reasons I have for one.
If you had to recommend Wii U games to somebody, what would they be? They can't be Mario related, or Donkey Kong related.
Xillia 2 released, can't play it till late December.
Hey baby, are you the Rockgagong? Because I'm headed for the butt.

So I'm having this weird issue that is making me pull my hair off. I have the following code: --javascript Code-- $

I won Amy's art again. You guys are supposed to look surprised and like it's something that never happened before.
I need someone to help me test a potential bug in the Cheats system. Anyone available? Sadly, no mods, because they get approved automtclly.

I have the following relevant tables: apps +-----------------+--------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+

For reasons incomprehensible to me, Canderson wasn't on my friends list. Like WTF, man. YOU ARE MY FWEND.
Name all the moe things you can think of. Go!
Probably a stupid question but is the Wii U region locked?
Fixing gigantic SQL files is such a pain.
CRS Friendly Reminder: Writing your cheats with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation accelerates the review process.
Restarted my ACNL town. Got the best map ever. Also my ears are good enough to let me make Karma as town tune.
Is there a release date for the new Smash yet? Just got some giftcards, and I don't know if I should wait for that or just use them.

I am looking to restart my town to try to get into Animal Crossing again. I have been thinking for a new name for a long time

I am not a soccer fan or anything, but PLEASE Germany WIN. If Argentinians win we will have to deal with their ego for four years.
Writing Greasemonkey scripts is fun and useful. I may use it to fix some Neo quirks.

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