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May 28, 15 3:20pm

We all expect games these days to carry more than a few bugs at launch, but Ultra Street Fighter IV for PlayStation 4 is taking this sad norm to new heights. The game was released just yesterday for the Sony platform, but already fans are reporting m...

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Apr 7, 15 3:52pm

Square Enix's Can't Kill Progress stream is well into its second day after kicking off Easter Monday, but the publisher's elaborate tease has been foiled by an accidental leak. Hold onto your seats, because Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is coming to PC an...

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Dec 3, 14 11:13pm

Next year's Assassin's Creed will be headed to Victorian London and bear the title Assassin's Creed Victory, a major leak revealed today. Well, we already know Ubisoft has another installment for 2015, and the first details have been prematurely unve...

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Mar 3, 11 11:15pm

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=366] Toward the end of January, ArenaNet revealed the very first Guild Wars...

Feb 23, 11 7:40am
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