Merry Christmas. Have Fun with the stamp.
Goodbye Ari
its been great knowing you over neo and all. its sad to hear that you're quitting have been such a good friend.

Happy Holidays

I'm getting in early this year! So Merry Christmas!
I haven't signed your guestbook since I was a noob. ><

Lol. Anyway, just thought I'd stop by again for old times sake and thank you for being such a good friend.

lol hey Ari hows ya doin??
heres a cookie for u and also my current pic that im usin as a stamp

current stamp pic thing

the cookie
i didnt kno wat you prefered so i jus gave you a chocolate chip
i hope thats fine
sign back if ya want
Ohh hey dont forget to sign back okay? I sound like I'm talking anthony..... Just make sure you do. Buuuuuuudy.....

"A ballerina's secrets never leave her shoes!"-Ali <3
Hiya just thought I'd make some stamps. Its so boring here!!!

Hi, i don't know how to stamp but i have pic's.

*runs in maniacally*
*slaps paste about*
Here are some darn funny pics for you, you lucky guy/gal, you...

*runs out cackling*

Go on, stamp back, you know you want to...
I'm signing people's guestbook's. Here's my new stamp! It's my anime girlfriend!

The "Panakus Angelicus", Master X
Here. I'm signing your guestbook because I'm seriously bored. Sign back or burn in hell, and have a nice day.
Just came by to say hi and long live Games Collied!

Ya it stinks compared to everyone elses but it's all I have. Thought I'd sign. Thanks for letting me in your gang.

Sry for the misunderstanding (wow! that's a big word!!!!) b4. I've decided 2 make it up 2 u by signing ur guestbook. Hope we can still b friends!

lol sorry for the very late reply and thanks for the cool stamp

i never sighed but you sighed mine. lol

there you go

I can't wait for the new movie! XD I hope you'll enjoys ur day! Thanks for signing my guestbook! I'm sorry I couldn't make a stamp for it...but I'll make one soon!

Hello! Its Jonathan from Confined Rainbow X! Happy Valentines day!

( P.S. Yes ITS a day AFTER Valentines Day Lol. Oh yeah PM me when you are going to be on WiFi again so we can play together! )
Thought I'd sign since I don't get on a lot anymore... well pm me...

For signing, you get stamped back you lucky person you. ^_~

La, La, La, La, La....

Im signing all my neofriends to say: Happy Christmas! Hope to see you around...

Merry Christmas ari!
Happy Holidays! ^^
Thanks for helping me out in the Ratchet: Deadlocked forum. I now know how to beat Vox, so thanks a bunch for your help.

Here's a funny stamp...