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So people EA have announced the development of the next C&C game. Command and Conquer has been a series that's reached an age of 15 years now and has always had it's good and bad times, but this game will be a game that will end the Kane story arc, which will almost give the meaning of ending the series tiberium universe. And in short I can quote Big Mike:

"Command & Conquer is a powerful franchise with an amazing 15-year legacy. We are thrilled to bring the dramatic Tiberium saga to a conclusion in Command & Conquer 4. This game is designed to give fans all the answers they've been looking for."
-Mike Glosecki, Lead Producer of Command & Conquer 4 at EA Los Angeles.

C&C was a series that could be labeled as one of the most important series in the RTS genre, heck it could be labeled THE most influential one at all! But it's gone through changes at times; it was created by Westwood Studios and was later bought by EA and became EA Pacific until later on being turned to EALA, which by then has changed almost all of their employees. This has also been crucial to their style as well particulary obvious in C&C3. But now EA have announced a new game for the series and are trying to bring in the style of the old days and sort of mix it up with their own in the theme and the way they direct the direction the game goes. But let's head on a summary of how the game will be like.

To make things simple I'll split this into two parts the Story and Campaign, and the Game Mechanics, stlye and units for those who already know about the previous games and have played at least C&C3. There is also a teaser trailer released two months ago. So here we go!


Alright a trailer was released of Kane going to a GDI council where he suddenly brought out the tacitus. The trailer was based on 2062 the same year where Kane's Wrath finished and tiberium has covered almost all of the planet as GDI's sonic tech even can't stop it. So back we go yo Kane, suprisingly, has been presumed dead since the event at Temple Prime, however he has just been immersed in the Tacitus. And with its knowledge, he goes to GDI, with a plan to save the world. Given the dire status of the world, GDI and Nod work together to form the Tiberium Control Network, to globally control Tiberium. I think this would have been a brilliant place to have started the campaign, even if it was just to involve a mission or two. But instead, the campaign starts 15 years later, at the brink of completion of the Tiberium Control Network. Its been an effective cold war between GDI and Nod, with escalation and brinksmanship in weapons and technology. The alliance is starting to fail, and the extremists in both factions are starting to have more effect..

The campaign starts with you playing about 3 missions as GDI, and then you reach a point where you choose to either continue as GDI, or move to the Nod campaign. The GDI and Nod campaigns will run in parallel, and will try to reflect upon the actions you would have done in the other campaign.

The GDI campaign, titled "Killing Kane" is designed to be fast paced, action orientated and accessible for new people to the series, at least, compared to the Nod campaign. It will have a "Powerful" and "Emotionally stunning" conclusion, with a layered narrative throughout, such that there will be a lot of depth for the die-hard fans of the tiberian story arc. The main theme for the campaign will be based on obsessive fanaticism, which although I would have thought that more of a Nod thing, it is a very interesting twist to have it for GDI, to be so blinded by something you believe to be right, only to towards the end realise you could be doing the wrong thing, for all the wrong reasons..

For the Nod campaign, titled "All Things Must End" is more focused on Kane, getting to know who he is, why he's doing what he's doing, his motives, and his intentions. The end result is to try and provide a satisfying conclusion to the tiberian story arc. It will also aim to provide a reflection on the GDI campaign, to ask "were you doing the right thing?", so although I don't think you have to complete the GDI campaign before you can approach the Nod one, I think it would be better to do it in that order.

The Scrin will return as well in the campaign and story however they won't be a playable faction as the world now has little tiberium for the scrin to live upon. The forgotten will also be back all the way from Tiberian Sun but they too won't be playable.

Gameplay style and Mechanics:

The gameplay will differ greatly from the previous games as there will be no basebuilding at least it will be limited to the defence class. The game will revolve around the crawler which you'll build all your units and upgrades from there. There will be 3 classes per faction Offense, Defence and Support. Offence will have tanks and will be more aggresive, Support are for teamwork mainly but can still stand their own and they are the only class that have access aircraft and even their crawler is a flying one. The defence class will be the only class to build buildings and bases and they'll only have infantry, in fact they're the only one with infantry. Unit lethality is said to be low and their movement speeds to be below average and there will be a pop cap in the game meaning you can build only a specific amount of units. There is at the moment no economy at all in the same fashion as the previous C&C games, you'll start off with command points which are constant and are refunded when you lose a unit in the same manner as World in Conflict. In multiplayer matches the objective is to capture TCN (Tiberium Control Network) Nodes (there are 5 in each map) and hold on to them and when you do victory points go down, each team starts off with 1000 victory points. It's basically the same as Dawn of War 2 but with 5 nodes instead of 3 and 1000 points instead of 500. Crawlers will respawn unlimitedly from drop zones and you can even change your class in-game, however doing so will lose all your units since every class has its own units, speaking of unit types it is said that the game will have over 80 unit types. Back to multiplayer games, there's one last thing as well that the teams will always be an all GDI team versus an all Nod team.

A new aspect of the game will be that you will always have to be online to play even in campaign mode and you will have 2 profiles to rank up with to the maximum rank 40, one for GDI and the other Nod and it doesn't depend on the class you play with but only on the faction for the XP points. When you rank up you will have access to a bigger variety of units which will be more enrolled and specific at doing something the higher you go up.

That is all of the facts given that I had in my memory so far from interviews, trailers, news releases and the commandCOM event at GamesCOM.

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