There was a boy...
A very strange enchanting boy...
They say he was very strange, very strange, weird and quirky was he...
A little weird but truly revered and even feared, 'twas me...
And then one day, one magic day I passed his way...
And their we spoke of subjects rare, great hair care, using nair for free...
Cups and jugs and big fat bugs but this he said to me...
The greatest thing...
That you can burn...
Is a Lysol can...
But flames it will...


Advanced Chemistry
Digimon, Pokemon, other virtual animalesque RPGs


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Review: Grandia II - Knocked by lots of mags but liked by the masses

Jun 22, 2003

It is a very thourough RPG and worth at least thirty dollars. I haven't played many PS2 RPGs, but I have many PSX ones and this is an excellent game for RPG fans. Its battle system is realtime because your moves depend on how far you are away from...

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