NeoHome Version 1

Thanks for stopping by. This is my first edition of my NeoHome, and I'm going to try and have it give all you viewers a feel of the current happenings around Neoseeker at the time I am writing this (February 2004).

A lot of interest as of right now has been going into the new classic platforms that have recently opened up. Many members, myself included, have been putting a lot of time into contributing to these new platforms to try and broaden the discussion value in ways such as contributing new game profiles to the system. I'd like to encourage anyone reading this to do the same, as you will be giving back to this great site, as well as allowing new games forums to open up in the process.

Another growing place of interest is the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Forum. I'm sure you're all aware how much activity the Grand Theft Auto forums generate around Neoseeker, and a lot of us, myself included, have joined in on the hype of the next part of the series' upcomming release.

I felt that I would really be cheating a lot of people out if I didn't mention the Role Playing forums as well. The amount of effort that every participant in those forums puts into their RPs is just so tremendous, and it always impresses me in what they can come up with. We're currently working on setting up the new Role Playing Gallery forum, which will archive completed Role Plays for members to read any time they wish.

Well, that's all for now. I'll update this later on with more information, content, and, most importantly, a more appealing layout. Until then, I'll see everybody around the forums.