ZX38 ArDem805
Dec 15, 12 12:44am
Considerate and helpful with good price. I wanna buy again if i have a chance.
dale247 ArDem805
Oct 16, 12 2:38pm
Great transaction bought 700 hp. i will definatlu do business with him again. highly recommended.
razzberries ArDem805
Oct 15, 12 2:24pm
smooth quick transaction
misterrobinson ArDem805
Oct 12, 12 5:50pm
seller definitely knows the game, the cards, will help you build the right deck and explain not only cards and skills, but how to excel in HW and events. Look forward to doing business with him again!
quittingandselling ArDem805
Oct 11, 12 7:56am
sorry i wrote seller in the last signature, but he bought from me, that'd make him the buyer
quittingandselling ArDem805
Oct 11, 12 7:55am
Great seller, fast and secure. You don't need to worry about this fella. He will ensure safe transaction from start to finish with emails and documentation every step of the way!

Obligatory ebay comment haha:

Great buyer, would recommend! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
deepthroat ArDem805
Oct 10, 12 4:10pm
great secure seller
Kidx83 ArDem805
Oct 10, 12 1:14pm
Guys is legit....Does business the right way
Pizzahut10 ArDem805
Oct 10, 12 4:57am
Excellent transaction with this guy!
lopper ArDem805
Oct 08, 12 2:50pm
Awesome seller. Highly recommend. Will do business again.
pmt0512 ArDem805
Oct 08, 12 2:44pm
Nice and amazing seller
ehhhhhhhhhh ArDem805
Oct 08, 12 1:38pm
So professional and friendly. A model for anyone else who would like to sell virtual goods with confidence.
phillycheesesteak999 ArDem805
Oct 08, 12 7:07am
thanks for the 400 hp sale! Will buy again when I need more
Azngoku ArDem805
Oct 05, 12 10:15pm
fast easy and caring
Linmorn ArDem805
Oct 05, 12 11:32am
Fast transaction and caring guy.
striked ArDem805
Oct 04, 12 5:40pm
Thanx for buying. Appreciate the conversation and the fast transaction.
Darseo ArDem805
Oct 04, 12 4:33am
just bought from him trusted, reliable and fast
abbiechan123 ArDem805
Sep 26, 12 6:02pm
thank you for your help!

transaction went very well...

stereoraje ArDem805
Sep 22, 12 8:16pm
vouch for this seller!
swashy ArDem805
Sep 22, 12 3:23am
trust worthy