Well, my name is Rhianna and I am fifteen years old. I love everything from the 60s-80s era, ESPECIALLY the music and movies! Like Back To The Future, haha. Well, hm...what to say, what to say? I'm awfully friendly, so if you want you can send me a message at any time and I promise I'll reply to it as soon as I feel like it! =D
Oh, and I love animals oh so very much. I currently have a dog, four cats, fish, and a hamster which all belong to my whole family. However, I have a pet rat of my very own, and he is my baby; my pride and joy. I love him so much!
There are videos of him on my Youtube account, which is, so check it out if you want! I update...sometimes.
Well, that's really all I have to say. Please treat me kindly and I promise to do the same! Bye bye. =]


Video Games:
Sonic The Hedgehog (fav game: SA2:B)
Harvest Moon
Guitar Hero
Super Mario (fav game: Super Mario 64)

Pink Floyd and Bon Jovi are my favorites, but there are a TON of other bands I love! Basically everything considered Classic Rock and Rock N' Roll. My current obsession is Styx. =]

Drawing, playing video games, computing, playing around with Paint Shop Pro, and...hmm...I like tennis. Lol.


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