Hey. Thank you for signing my awesome guestbook. As a result, you have been stamped back.

Thankyooo, I try my best to be entertaining. Your stamps cool, I cant top it but I can try

It'ssssss GREAT!!!

Returning the favour ^^
the lord and master Himself, The King Anubis the second I shall serve you!

Thanks for signing my guestbook kinganubis2. Sorry for the delay i've had GSCE tests so i didn't have the time. Anyway, in return i grant you one sexy stamp.
I've kind of had that for a while now. Maybe I'll change it.

See you around.
I told you I would pass by again and stamp you when I'd had my new stamp, lol.

hehe, kinda lame but I really like it!
o rly?

now i have to stamp back so yeah...

P.S. stamp sucks, i know, workin on a new one.
Hey, thanks a lot for doing this for me! If you ever need anything, just PM me!

Hello, and here is your GB sign. Stay cool and have a stamp.