Deis Antz
Jul 05, 05 11:55pm
I am the Final Fantasy VIII queen.

I just wanted to tell you that^_^

Au revoir!
BahamutX Antz
Dec 26, 04 9:35am
Merry Christmas!! Just signing the guestbooks of people that signed mine, or standed out in the forums, and stuff like that.


Liam Antz
Dec 22, 04 12:09am
A dart board or a pool table?

icebahamut Antz
Nov 20, 04 11:08am
hi just signing your guest book cos i'm bored and have nothing else 2 do
now u have 2 sign mine lol

anyway say cheese!

teodortenchev Antz
Nov 14, 04 10:17pm
I'm just signing your guestbook because I got nothing else to do.
Can you sign mine back, please?
Best Whishes
El Bill Antz
Oct 12, 04 4:48am
noob N master Antz
Aug 29, 04 7:10am

I went to the beach because I was really really pale
And I went skinny-dipping with my friend the great white whale
I stayed out too long and oh, I got so sick
And then I got a sunburn on my moby dick

chrisdoyle Antz
Aug 09, 04 8:12pm
Anyone who hates Man U is a friend of mine, I'm a Leeds fan so naturally I hate Man U!!!

By the by, you can go sign my guestbook now since I've signed yours, two way deal... lol
Octarine Skye Antz
Apr 20, 04 3:14am

There was a man
from Kazakhstan.
He buggered dead sheep
and lived in a can.
Daviesw Antz
Mar 23, 04 1:52am

Feb 22, 04 5:17am
Well, i havnt signed this before, so now seems like a good time. Good luck with your moderating:D

I'll see ya on Xbox Live

RobtheGooner Antz
Jan 15, 04 3:56am
I am a diehard arsenal fan so i will sign your guestbook, ive seen you quite a lot in the pro evo forums and loungin will you sign back please
Reckless Antz
Dec 04, 03 10:09pm
Alright mate

Why do you support Arse-hole, why?


I see ya around quite a bit, mostly in the footie forum, so i'll sign ya mate

C ya around, and feel free if ya ever wanna chat or get my MSN addy

C ya mate

dragontamer2102 Antz
Dec 04, 03 4:46am
just thought i would sign your guestbook because you asked me to....(in your banner)
before i go i think ill stamp you.......

Freedom Isnt Free...Thats Why Im Here
Miller Antz
Dec 02, 03 6:14am
Your guestbook has been signed by Miller
LFC Boy Antz
Nov 26, 03 5:33am
Hi Antz

I always see you around the football forum so i thought i would pop by and sign your guestbook:)

I find you a very helpful member and i hope to keep seing ya around

cya mate

FFX Fanatic Antz
Nov 23, 03 9:51pm
You are privilaged enough to get your guestbook signed by the one...the only...the greatest...the most perfect...the brilliantest(not a real word, huh?)...the al bhed speaker...almost anyway...the person who accidently beat ff7 by lucky sevens...has signed your guestbook

don't forget to visit my site It's in my sig
BradSK Antz
Oct 28, 03 9:20pm
Hi! ive seen you around UK alot so i will sign.Seeya!

Gab_on_pils38 Antz
Oct 28, 03 7:42am
I tought i should sign youre guest book cause you seem to really like FF i me to so there is my signature cya around:
luke_rob Antz
Oct 22, 03 10:07pm
i saw alan partridge in your sig and though i had to sign this.
but then i saw arsenal (boo hiss) and nearly changed my mind.

SoSolidSnake Antz
Oct 18, 03 11:47pm
Hey Antz, just thought i would sign your guestbook as you are around the footy forums a lot.

Keep posting mate, your a good member of Neo!

Note- never knew you were Aj's brother
neo7 Antz
Oct 09, 03 11:52pm
hi ive seen you in the final fanstay 7 forum good luck man please sign my gb bac please

like the banner
Duckmaster Antz
Oct 03, 03 5:09am
Hey it's Duckmaster,i've seen ya around the FF8 forum and decided to sign your guestbook.................Well.........Later

ya wanna sign my guestbook since i signed yours???

Duckmaster was here

yoshda Antz
Sep 30, 03 12:25am
ive signed your guestbook do u support arsenal by chance i hear you are a cool guuy can we be mates gooooooodddddddddbbbbbyyye from yoshda
Puggy Antz
Aug 28, 03 9:02pm
Hello Friend, I love you!

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