Well i saw you in the forumns and i like friends so meh, enjoy your REAL SINGNATURE STAMP BY UR INFAMOUS KEWLSYRUP

You have been Stamped by Lorx.

Sign mine lazy bum!

I mean uh...you're a great friend?
good job dude. i hope you enjoy your prize. maybe you could sign my guest bookto?mine pretty empty. anyway congrats on the win again!
Hey congratulations on the win of the SSBB tournament. I just felt like signing your GB, I don't know why, but I hope I get a signing in return. Hope I see ya around the forums more often!
You are the winner of my CPU tournament!

Your prize is...

I will make you 2 Graphics of your choice. They can be an Avatar, Banner, Stamp or anything else.

Just PM me saying what you want and I will get onto them.

Again, Congrats.

☆ IC ☆
So by being the nicest person I am, you have to spam my Guestbook with huge spaces?

Would this be enough Revenge?
Hey Anton! Guess am the second one to sign your guestbook...

Welcome!!!Anton Odd that I'm the first to sign yr guest book!!!
Your the only person I really remember from the general discussion forum cool!!!!