KewlSyrup Anton Herrera
Jul 17, 08 8:17pm

Well i saw you in the forumns and i like friends so meh, enjoy your REAL SINGNATURE STAMP BY UR INFAMOUS KEWLSYRUP
Lorx Anton Herrera
Jul 14, 08 3:58pm

You have been Stamped by Lorx.

Sign mine lazy bum!

I mean're a great friend?
Pit_Fan_Owns_U Anton Herrera
Apr 3, 08 12:46am
good job dude. i hope you enjoy your prize. maybe you could sign my guest bookto?mine pretty empty. anyway congrats on the win again!
Stewie Anton Herrera
Apr 2, 08 8:05pm
Hey congratulations on the win of the SSBB tournament. I just felt like signing your GB, I don't know why, but I hope I get a signing in return. Hope I see ya around the forums more often!
Aether Anton Herrera
Apr 2, 08 3:09pm
You are the winner of my CPU tournament!

Your prize is...

I will make you 2 Graphics of your choice. They can be an Avatar, Banner, Stamp or anything else.

Just PM me saying what you want and I will get onto them.

Again, Congrats.

☆ IC ☆
Gamer128 Anton Herrera
Aug 1, 07 1:26am
So by being the nicest person I am, you have to spam my Guestbook with huge spaces?

Would this be enough Revenge?
kIlsa666 Anton Herrera
Jun 4, 06 9:56pm
Hey Anton! Guess am the second one to sign your guestbook...

twisted_Metal Anton Herrera
Sep 10, 05 6:00am

Welcome!!!Anton Odd that I'm the first to sign yr guest book!!!
Your the only person I really remember from the general discussion forum cool!!!!