Happy birthday ant! Lol, another year older. Feel grown up yet? Here's a random stanp for you

Kirby with a gun XD

Thanks for the stamp, buddy!!

You would think the subject title would sum everything up, but no, I have to make you a stamp as well Lol, Merry Christmas ant, hope you get everything you wanted!

Lol, we might not have halloween in Oz, but we can still pretend! Happy Halloween!

I cant thank you enough. You deserve the POWER!

RARW! Awesome. Also, thanks for adding my name to it too, that was cool of you.
Hey man! Just wanted to sign your guestbook and thank you once more for the image resizing thingy.

Here is my stamp!
Heres your guestbook signing as requested
Really appreciate you resizing my sig and avi.

Might have to use your "services" in the future
thanks for the re-sizing i might see it usefull to remember your name next time i need one done

~happy goth ( see you around)
That is one sweet banner you made for me. Say what kind of anime do you like anyways? Well I gotta get going. Thanks a lot
Hum de dum... Oh, this is the part where I put in a message right? Lol, Happy Birthday Ant! And welcome to the world of mobile phones!

There is no present behind her back I dont know what you're talking about.
Well this is my first time signing a guest book so I don't really know what to say.

I see you're a Kirby fan. Are you a fan of the show, or a fan of him in the Smash Bros. Series?

And thanks for the banner!
I see you're a kirby fan. It's my favorite Nintendo series. They are working on a Kirby game for the Wii similar to Superstar and there is a possibility that they'll make tilt n' tumble 2 for the Wii also. And I hear they're making a 3D-ish one for the DS. I've got a bunch to look forward to.

Anyway, thanks for the banner, and if you're wondering where I'm using it, it's at this website. I'll be making a Kirby comic one day, and if you want I'll let you know when it starts.
Thanks again.
Thanks again for the avi. Now if I can get it to work on my profile. Whatever, I have no stamp, so I'll just use my banna

We Are ALL Witnesses to LeBron James

You have been stamped. Thanks for the avvi


STAMPED by drag1
Hey, Antguy.
Sapp stopping by. I just wanted to say thanks for the avatar, I really appreciate it.
Btw, Polo's a character on a roleplay at my own forum.
Mwahahahaha I get you again! A specially made stamp just for you Ant, so you better appreciate it *shakes fist* Lol, plus it's a thanx for showing me how to make animated graphics Anyways enjoy your stamp!

You forgot my birthday, stop trying to deny it
hey THANX again for making my avatar and banner,just like i asked.ur one of the best friends ive made here on neo.


oh,and i like chocolate.

Thanks for the avvie =D.
Need to meet the character limit so i'll just
keep saying thanks till i do. Thanks

Thank you for making an avatar of Hidan for me pal, you are a great artist my friend
Sorry Ant but A_J is right pretty empty. Nah just messing with ya! Here's my stamp!

Mwhahahahahahahahahaha! I stamped you! This GB needs some hay rolling around to show how emptyt it is Lol, joking.