Lone Assassin Antguy
Aug 30, 09 1:16am
Happy birthday ant! Lol, another year older. Feel grown up yet? Here's a random stanp for you

Kirby with a gun XD
Imironman Antguy
Jan 4, 09 9:54pm

Thanks for the stamp, buddy!!
Lone Assassin Antguy
Dec 25, 08 1:54am

You would think the subject title would sum everything up, but no, I have to make you a stamp as well Lol, Merry Christmas ant, hope you get everything you wanted!
Lone Assassin Antguy
Oct 31, 08 1:54am

Lol, we might not have halloween in Oz, but we can still pretend! Happy Halloween!
MasterOfBlades Antguy
Oct 22, 08 11:31am

I cant thank you enough. You deserve the POWER!

RARW! Awesome. Also, thanks for adding my name to it too, that was cool of you.
kuje Antguy
Sep 16, 08 9:18am
Hey man! Just wanted to sign your guestbook and thank you once more for the image resizing thingy.

Here is my stamp!
Gazza Antguy
Sep 8, 08 10:53pm
Heres your guestbook signing as requested
Really appreciate you resizing my sig and avi.

Might have to use your "services" in the future
Kuja Antguy
Sep 6, 08 11:25pm
thanks for the re-sizing i might see it usefull to remember your name next time i need one done

~happy goth ( see you around)
Renkyu Antguy
Aug 30, 08 1:20pm
That is one sweet banner you made for me. Say what kind of anime do you like anyways? Well I gotta get going. Thanks a lot
Lone Assassin Antguy
Aug 29, 08 9:52pm
Hum de dum... Oh, this is the part where I put in a message right? Lol, Happy Birthday Ant! And welcome to the world of mobile phones!

There is no present behind her back I dont know what you're talking about.
Chimcharizard Antguy
Jul 12, 08 8:17pm
Well this is my first time signing a guest book so I don't really know what to say.

I see you're a Kirby fan. Are you a fan of the show, or a fan of him in the Smash Bros. Series?

And thanks for the banner!
Comic man Antguy
Jun 7, 08 8:01am
I see you're a kirby fan. It's my favorite Nintendo series. They are working on a Kirby game for the Wii similar to Superstar and there is a possibility that they'll make tilt n' tumble 2 for the Wii also. And I hear they're making a 3D-ish one for the DS. I've got a bunch to look forward to.

Anyway, thanks for the banner, and if you're wondering where I'm using it, it's at this website. I'll be making a Kirby comic one day, and if you want I'll let you know when it starts.
Thanks again.
Demonfurby Antguy
Jun 7, 08 5:53am
Thanks again for the avi. Now if I can get it to work on my profile. Whatever, I have no stamp, so I'll just use my banna

We Are ALL Witnesses to LeBron James
TDL12344 Antguy
Jun 7, 08 5:07am

You have been stamped. Thanks for the avvi

Dragoshi1 Antguy
Jun 6, 08 4:14pm

STAMPED by drag1
Sapphorous Antguy
Apr 29, 08 3:02pm
Hey, Antguy.
Sapp stopping by. I just wanted to say thanks for the avatar, I really appreciate it.
Btw, Polo's a character on a roleplay at my own forum.
Lone Assassin Antguy
Apr 18, 08 3:59am
Mwahahahaha I get you again! A specially made stamp just for you Ant, so you better appreciate it *shakes fist* Lol, plus it's a thanx for showing me how to make animated graphics Anyways enjoy your stamp!

You forgot my birthday, stop trying to deny it
SonicFire Antguy
Mar 23, 08 6:12pm
hey THANX again for making my avatar and banner,just like i asked.ur one of the best friends ive made here on neo.


oh,and i like chocolate.
Kanon_fan Antguy
Mar 19, 08 3:30pm

Thanks for the avvie =D.
Need to meet the character limit so i'll just
keep saying thanks till i do. Thanks
Farmboy90 Antguy
Mar 16, 08 8:01am

Thank you for making an avatar of Hidan for me pal, you are a great artist my friend
Lone Assassin Antguy
Mar 8, 08 6:10am
Sorry Ant but A_J is right pretty empty. Nah just messing with ya! Here's my stamp!

Amber_jade Antguy
Mar 4, 08 6:54pm

Mwhahahahahahahahahaha! I stamped you! This GB needs some hay rolling around to show how emptyt it is Lol, joking.