I thought I signed your guestbook but I guess I didn`t so here`s a stamp.

Hey! I think I remember you. Didn't you use to have an icon from some Asian Girl Band and I thought the girl was Britney. Anyways I like all your buddyicons, wish I could find some good ones. Anyways hope to see you on neo more!

Hello everyone! Here is a little something for you all! I hope you like this Christmas E-Card!!



time for some movie premiere!
(i don't know if it is real)
coming to your local stores!
pm if you want to be on my friend list!
yeah... it at random

Please have a happy halloween!
Pm me if you want to be friends!
This is my first stamp pm me and tell me what you think about it.

Sign my GB with a cool stamp.
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you later Anonymousse. Sign back if you want...
Wow, I am so glad we had the opportunity to meet. ^__^ You're such an awesome, sweet, cuddly guy! *hugs* And your voice is like magic: remarkable and enchanting. I'm looking foreward to hearing you sing to me again.

And thank you for helping me see through the hurt and pain, and realizing what I already knew... Thank you for opening my eyes to greater possibilities. I admire you and look up to you. ^^ Stay huggable!


Thank you Anonymousse, I'm
sure nobody will forget to spell
your username anymore. Keep safe,
and goodluck!
hey im sighning every1s gbook !
well catch ya l8r in da forums.
Peace !

it's about time i remembered to do this. you're one really cool seeker. i hope you make it back to us, especially Sol, safe and sound. you're one in a million. so be safe.

Hey, tought i'd sign this guestbook

I see u around at Asia Forum eh

Sign mine back will ya


Well, I've talked to you a little bit with Kax, and you seem to be a great guy. I can only wish you the best of luck in Iraq, Goodluck soldier.

Keep the number 11027 in your mind, it brings me the best of luck .

Sign my guestbook if you havent already.

Or you will face my wrath.
and such. ah character limit, i despise it. lets see will this do it?
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor. Thanks for all your support and encouragement for you-know-what. You were the 1st Neoseeker I came to about that problem. You're the greatest, Anony.
What is with all these words of praise? ...Boy does he have you people fooled..

Sang is an okay guy...he is wonderful about keeping in touch with people..I mean he emails me and lets
me know how hes doing. (sarcasm]

And well hes Sang what more can you say.....Oh! wait! I know what you can say about him...uh..no
never mind that wouldn't be nice
You asked people to sign your guestbook so I went ahead and did it. You see I'm weak minded like that and I find it difficult to refuse signing peoples guestbooks when I like what they have said in the forums.
The first time I saw you on the forums, I though you were a bird. Your avatar was a FFX one I think.

The second time I saw you, you were making a thread about the GTA forum. You proceeded to detail how incompetent I was as a mod. So proceeded a slanging match of little point. Of course, Section 9's beak came flying in, if only for a little while. No disagreement would be complete without his single minded input . Suikia ended it, but not before I had her edit the closing message. It's fair to say I despised you from that moment on.

6 months on, and I couldn't care less about that. In fact, you probably had a good point. I wasn't sure if I should sign this or not, but *bleep* it, I am doing. There aint many people who say what they feel, regardless of who they piss off. You qualify, and it's something I like to follow. Some say your arrogant, but thats shit - your just not hiding behind a all the time, like most.


You are very creative with new ideas for threads in Anime and Art type forums. A billion types of thank-yous are needed. Thank You!


PS. Sign my guestbook too!
I click your link, and my speakers fill up with music!
Ummm... how to say this without you tearing me apart (although I figure you'll already do that when ya see the title of this entry ) Ummm... it really isn't my type of music.

*Devilchild turns and runs for his life*


You have helped many, and in return many will help you in the future
Anonymousse is a great guy with a bloody brilliant sense of humour. He is extremley helpful and served the community well as moderator of one of the most hectic forums about. We salute you sir.

Hey good looking,
How's it going, daddykins? Miss me? Sure you do, now give me everything I want!

Aima noti noti gurl.

Just stopping by and making myself welcome. Thanks for that avatar buddy!! As always i'll try to stay out of trouble. Dont be quick to judge.
Remember some of the baddest or most hated people can be one of the nicest. Im outtie!!