I first joined Neoseeker after posting many times as a guest in the Halo PC forum bitching about how people are poor sports when you pwn the crap out of them and then call you a HAX. After joining, it took a week or two to figure out that Neo wasn't just a dedicated Halo PC forum(it was the first forum I had ever even visited let alone joined).

After finding out that there was a Computer Hardware category, I started snooping around there just reading posts here and there. Being the anal bastard that I am, I wanted my computer to have more power than it did and began researching the methods of Overclocking a PC.

After realizing that I could not properly overclock my Dell, I threw caution to the wind and built my own rig with advice from the members of the Hardware forums. After building it(to the maximum mind you), I continued to upgrade my rig for a few hundred $ here, a few hundred $ there.

I quickly became the top poster there, frequently conversing with the senior members and the moderator there, Master of the VG, about tech and debating certain topics as well as just overall general conversation.

After a year and a half, I began to ask about modding that area since I wasn't able to apply through the application process that was utilized a few years ago for moderator promotions. Eventually, someone thought I'd make a good candidate and Deathman48 contacted me about the mod spot and I got it.

I modded there for over almost two years. During that time, I helped to create the two sub-forums for that forum, suggested the Financial forum and the DIY forum both under Special Interests, suggested a more clear system for moderator applications and was a catalyst in the creation of the new Moderator Promotion Process, was granted access to certain "areas", became (and currently still am) a member of the CRS team, and have offered a number of suggestions for the site which have either been implemented or altered prior to implementation. In addition to that, I was also asked to moderate General PC Games and after some lengthly conversation was asked to moderate Health & Fitness.

With the given rate of technology's advancement, after almost 2 years of moderating the hardware forum....I was nothing short of "outdated". I couldn't afford to purchase the items that were being discussed, and had exhausted most of my specific ideas for the forum since I didn't have "the latest and greatest" hardware. Not only that, but I had taken on a new career and was misinformed as to how much time I would need to dedicate to the new job.

I voluntarily demoted from the Computer Hardware & Overclocking forum while suggesting my replacement as the most suited for that specific position...The Slayer.

I still moderate General PC Games and Health & Fitness, and honestly I somewhat regret ever demoting from Hardware since that area was my original passion for this site. But in the end...I was literally outdated and it was time for new blood.

Who knows what's in store for the future.

I feel like I've accomplished quite a bit during my membership with Neoseeker. Eventually, I'd like to be promoted to a Supermoderator but that's like one in one-hundred-thousand so I'm not taking any bets on that one. But who knows...I sure don't.

Has Been a Past Moderator of:
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My girlfriend of 4 years.

Muscle/Classic American cars and most cars that are not of "foreign" manufacture.

Music. Either classic style rock and roll or any type of metal that isn't trying too hard.

My bass guitar.

My truck('07 Silverado)

My dog, a weimeraner named Diesel.

My job that I finally got after 7 years of waiting...Union Pipefitter Local 120.

Computers and computer hardware as well as technology innovations.

Deer hunting with my buddies.



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