I'm a very optimistic person. I've traveled and moved a lot in my life experiencing new cultures and environments. While I like going to see new places, I've grown to hate plane rides, even business class rides. Nothing is worse than sitting on a plane for 12 hours. Jumping back to my personally, I consider myself an open-minded person. My worse trait is probably that I procrastinate too much. I'm currently in college and studying digital media.


I've always found this section to be hard to fill, as interest always changes. Some more than others. Every time I fill up this up it looks outdated the next day. Even so, I shall try.

I take interest in... gaming, reading, camping, pranks, a good joke, a really good joke, some time alone, family time, internet time, day time, night time, bedtime, mornings breakfast, dinner, lunch, brunch, snacks.... and more.
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