Jesivis Anomaly
Dec 21, 10 8:35am
To Arcanity,

Why, MCO, where do you go? You sure haven't shown, your face in the Paranormal Forum. You need to head over there, there is no reason to scare, cause the forum is great, and you wont have to debate, on whether you like it just try it! I've missed you! It's been forever since we have gotten to chat and I remember all the old times we had. I don't want to go so far back but I remember us talking about skateboarding and then about the Death Note forum which you basically brought to life, they should have made you mod! PM me sometime, just thought I would make a stamp for you, though, for the holiday season!

Happy holidays and I wish you the very best for the upcoming year.

Be safe & lots of love,
Dragon Warrior1 Anomaly
Jul 30, 09 7:47pm

Somewhere down the road, I came across the closest friends I could ever find. An immaginary road filled with people whose faces I've never seen before, and yet, I consider you as an important part of my life, whoever you are, out there in the real world.

If you've gotten this guestbook signing, you are on my friends list. Being on my friends list is something special, if you don't already know. All of you here who get this are very important people to me, even if you do not still remain here on neo to see my appreciation of you being my friend. Because you have this, we have history together, whether it be long lived or short lived. Whether we met in the casual forum topics, roleplay(s), clans in various forums, or through other people.

So, thank you for being my friend for all this time, and I hope to continue being friends.
PupgirlPawz Anomaly
Mar 27, 09 2:15am
I'm on a stamping spree, and I couldn't leave you out~
Summer Breeze Anomaly
Mar 06, 09 1:18am

I like LOVE your roleplay character in the HMDS Forum. So yeah!
ilovharvestmoon Anomaly
Jan 17, 09 1:49am
Sorry for the double post but you hafta see this!!! IT'S GIR!!!!And he has pie!!!Your a pie-Gir-loving friend.
ilovharvestmoon Anomaly
Jan 17, 09 1:37am
your funny, random, a Gir and pie lover, just like me!Sorry, I lost my stamp code.But, I hope this pie will make up for it!*Gives pie*
DranzerBlade Anomaly
Dec 27, 08 1:32am



DranzerBlade Anomaly
Dec 11, 08 11:49pm

THANKIES! The pictures are awesomeness. =3

[And yes, I drew that. Took me ages on my laptop. -_-]
Dragon Warrior1 Anomaly
Sep 06, 08 1:12am

Wherever the sun may set, friends seem to appear at just the right times.

Im sorry that this is a bit late, but its here now, and you should be happy with it! hahaha!

I hope you have a wonderfull birthday, Pedro, and that you have the buena fortuna(good luck in italian, I think...?) for all of your years to come.

And p.s. You are always going to be the recomendee-guy until we find some kind of animal or somethign for you
xTiggzox Anomaly
Jul 19, 08 8:03pm
Hey again, i was going to ask, what fp do u suggest and should get them up to for the "yarn problem". And also we both love the same Music Artists! Puddle of mudd evanesence guns n' roses AC DC & the others (plus more) Thnx again .
xTiggzox Anomaly
Jul 19, 08 7:36pm
Thanks for telling me how to make the stocking on harvest moon much appretiated I was just gonna ask, do you have the sims 2 on pc??? If yes, then it totally rocks! If no then BUY IT!!! IT brilliant
Cloud Me Anomaly
Jun 19, 08 9:06pm
Hi there Mr Charmed One!

you have been stamped by Cloud me
Jesivis Anomaly
Mar 09, 08 6:45am
Hey I'm on a stamping spree and because your one of my friends I couldn't miss your guest book! I wish you didn't have to leave NeoSeeker on your vacation but since you already have gone, me just stampin is just alarming you I still am waiting. SO get back here as fast you can, I miss talking with my bro! Well stamp me back now, bye! =D

:.From your friend.:
Dragon Warrior1 Anomaly
Feb 19, 08 6:19pm
Just made this stamp this morning and am now going on a stamping spree!! Join the fun and stamp/ sign back!! woo! Dont worry, im just filling up space, lol.
Daisuki Anomaly
Feb 15, 08 5:50pm
Let's be better friends~

Prepare to be stampaged by Daisuki!

Country Girl Anomaly
Dec 29, 07 9:50pm
Just a reminder that we're still friends. Getting on each other's nerves and bickering doesn't change that.

C Falcon Anomaly
Dec 25, 07 8:35pm
I'd get you a pitchfork but UPS won't let me ship it....

so I will stamp you with this

See you around

Jesivis Anomaly
Dec 25, 07 6:08am

So as you can see I've managed to make sometime for neoseeker and with this time I've decided to spend it on you. I thought that because I haven't been on in quite a long time and because I haven't been able to talk to you I would like to now. Since it's so cold out and snowy in some parts of the world I would like to wish you a...

Merry Christmas!

I not only would like it if you had a great holiday but I hope you get everything you wanted. Please remember that I really care about you, want you safe, and am your friend. I have not forgotten our friendship.

Terrierboy Anomaly
Dec 24, 07 7:14pm
*puts youre pitchfork back* that silly bear shouldnt have taken it. I love that image

merry christmas!
trunksluver Anomaly
Dec 24, 07 5:49pm
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Pedro!:]

Izuru will always own Toshiro,


p.s.- Izuru+Abbey+L= The Perfect Threesome!Add Neji and ya get a foursome!
Country Girl Anomaly
Dec 24, 07 5:48pm
Merry Yule, Pedro!

Us witches have to stick together and defend each other, after all.

Have a great Yule and a wonderful new year.

Leona159665 Anomaly
Dec 24, 07 8:23am

...And a Happy New Year ^__^ Have Fun.

Mwaha! This better not be a pm I still remember the time I sent you a pm instead of signing your guestbook because I clicked on the wrong button XD

Quierta Anomaly
Dec 24, 07 5:59am
UGH, I planned on sending these out on Christmas but I just couldn't wait any longer XD


XD Haha. Only joking. I knew you were crazy since the day that I met you, way back then in AWL. Have a happy holiday!



trunksluver Anomaly
Dec 16, 07 12:28am

So sad, RIP Casey Calvert of Hawthorne Heights
trunksluver Anomaly
Nov 22, 07 11:58pm
Happy Thanksgiving Pedro!!!

Izuru OWNS Toshiro,