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Apr 13, 09 6:33am

My Promise to You

Today I have thrown my hat into the arena to run for the Office of President of the United Forums of Neoseeker. I have decided to outline my presidential promises, that you can hold me by if you choose me to be your president.

Firstly, I promise that I will open talks with the Administration of Neoseeker, and make a more transparent neoseeker. You will be given updates on what is going on by me, when it is possible.

Secondly, I promise that I will always be open to talk to anyone, any question, any thing that requires independent feedback or just a chat. I will not be behind a brick wall of bureaucracy.

Finally, I promise that if I am voted in, I will do things that effect you positively, I have a multitude of ideas that I am exploring right now, if I deem them good enough to implement. I will let you all know.

I do not want to load my plate up with promises right now, so 3 will suffice till 20 candidates are chosen. Also, I know most of you do not appreciate large walls of text to read so this was kept brief.

Thanks for reading!
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