Dusk Anime Ashley
Dec 24, 09 10:47pm

Merry Christmas Ashley!

Hopefully you have a great christmas. Keep up with the storys Miss! :3
ki_ki Anime Ashley
Dec 29, 08 1:36am
Aw, thanks for signing, Ashley! I hope you've had an awesome Christmas! (I sure did!)
Merry Christmas and happy new year^^

Bitter Sweet Anime Ashley
Dec 23, 08 6:19pm
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sarvani ~<3
annalise Anime Ashley
Dec 21, 08 7:43pm
Hey!!! Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish you a merry christmas
We wish you a merry christmas
We wish you a merry christmas
and a Happy New Year!
Angel_8889 Anime Ashley
Dec 20, 08 7:43pm
Hi! Angel88891 here. You seem like a nice friend so i'll sign your questbook! See ya around XD

annalise Anime Ashley
Dec 04, 08 8:09pm
hey!!! just became your neofriend a few days ago , you're really nice, and it's rare to meet such good friends speak to you soon!
NintendoGirl13 Anime Ashley
Nov 30, 08 5:09am
Oh my goodness, I just met you today, but I

feel like we met a long time ago! And now

we're neo-sisters! That's so great! I can

tell we're going to be neo-sisters forev

and ev. I really wish I knew you in person.

We'd get along really easy I bet.

And I want to give you a BIG thanks for

my awesome siggy!! Even tho I've thanked

you 5 times already. xD

xoxo i <3 yu!!
Soaringsprit96 Anime Ashley
Nov 18, 08 12:04am
hey love the new look sorry about not being on neo. for a while hey how did you like cc and are going to be doing track this year? I am going to be doing track this year i r eally hope you are going to?? well gotta go talk to you later!

scooterpup Anime Ashley
Sep 17, 08 1:36am
Uh..Hi! Well I became your neofriend thing
so I thought I would sign this guestbook with that other crazy person down there.
Sorry don't have a stamp yet.
Yours truly,
ki_ki Anime Ashley
Aug 22, 08 2:47am
Sorry couldn't think of a tittle! XD! I hope you like it here on Neo, and trust me... It's addicting! lol! BTW, HA! I'M HYPER, AND I AM THE FIRST TO SIGN YOUR GB!!!! HA!
Sorry lol!