Anime Ashley
Jan 23, 10 3:40am
is glad for exams to be over.
Anime Ashley
Jan 16, 10 6:06am
Living a complicated life.
Anime Ashley blogged
Jan 24, 09 6:48am

Okay, so I'm very good in math. I understand everything that we're doing in Math and I get everything. And my teacher was telling me today about how I could quilify for an Advance math program. The only thing holding me back is turning in a few papers. (which I do so I can stay with my friends in normal math)

But my teacher got me thing about becoming quilified for this program. Of course I'd give up my only class with my Bff but I'd still have lunch with her and I'd still ride the bus with her and stuff. I just need help. If anyone could post the pros and cons of this could someone help me set my mind straight.

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