It's been a long difficult journey
First round of interviews done. Now for the call backs. Hopefully I can get an interpreter for Friday easily this time!
I get an email from someone wanting to "Borrow" my Neo account. I say no and apparently it is my loss. Kids crack me up.
Audit complete! Passed with flying colours
Bleh audit tomorrow, hope it is over quickly
Happy Generic Holiday!
So much do to before year end
It needs to be next year already!
Elricskin - Wait so we won the war but the Brit gets the girl? How is that fair

So driving to work this morning I hear on the radio about how some state workers are going to be out protesting the movie "The Expendables" because Arnold is in it, and they are upset at his proposal of furloughs. Oh boo freaking hoo

Really now. You are upset at furloughs? I am so sick at the sense of entitlement people seem to have nowadays. I had to take a 10% pay cut over a year ago, it was across the board at our company. Has the public sector taken a pay cut? No, in fat they have received raises. We have a 12% unemployment rate, I am sure if you asked those out of work if they would be happy to get a job that paid them well, but they had to take an unpaid vacation day once a month they would be thrilled.

Why is it the public sector thinks they can demand anything? Oh that's right, because they are the public sector. I am so sick of the unions, and sick of those people who feel they can have the moon and never give anything back.

Am I seriously one of the only ones out there who is sick of this?

So apparently this weekend, I am being kidnapped to go to the Surfrider foundation's beach clean up. I am getting up early on a Saturday for what now? The carrot sis is dangling is going over to Kristen's after to hang out and drink. Ok, I am tempted as Kristen is soooo adorable and I lurves her muchly, but come on, out in the sun?

Sure they are trying to convince me the sun is never out at the beach first thing in the morning, but I know better. I know it will be lurking on purpose just to burst out of the clouds and get me.

I like my fair skin, I prefer not looking older then I am, so I tend to hide from the sun..and besides, I can get migraines easier in the sun. =( We will see, I might just do the whole "I'll meet you there at Kristen's."

It's currently 7:30 am, and I have been up for almost 4 hours now. I need a nap. This 3:45 am gym stuff is going to be the death of me. I keep saying that but I keep waking up, imagine that. 44 days until the Susan G Komen 5k Breast Cancer Walk/Run. I will survive, and then I have another in October and finally one in November. I am already registered. Yay me.

Alright enough slacking, I need to get back to work, someone needs to bring me some purple straw goodness, but OF COURSE Missy called in sick today *Grumbles*


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Ugh morning comes so soon when you have to be up for the gym! I could have sworn I went to bed minutes before I had to wake up.

Currently sitting here with a cup of coffee thinking about getting up to go to work, but I would rather go back to bed. ^_^

Good news for me, the working out is getting easier. Did a mile pretty quickly this morning, which is nice. I hope to get into amazing shape before January. Another visit from David and I cannot wait! I am stealing his passport this time, or getting him drunk enough to marry me in Vegas hahaha. =D

Bleh enough for now one of these days I might actually put something here that is important/entertaining.


Ok so up at 3:45 am for the gym, did my usual treadmill jaunt. It seems to be getting easier, or maybe I am just fooling myself. Granted this whole week I have been lazy, last time I went to the gym was last weekend, but I had my excuses. Women excuses, plus I was sick yesterday.

So I am feeling a bit worn down right now, it is what 10 hours since I got up? Something of that nature.

Lunch was healthy...or so I tell myself. Had a great time with sis, Isaac, and Steve. Over ate on sushi and needed a little pick me up on the way back to the office, so of course that is where the purple straw comes into play.

<3 Coffee Bean.


Currently waiting for Miss to get up and get ready for the shoes time to break them in. She picked them out which means they have purple on them...the ones I wanted fit weird on my instep so bleh.

I really have nothing else to post at this moment, perhaps more later.


Ok so it is really not day two, but it is day two in my "training". Slight change of plans, we are no longer doing the Avon walk...too intensive for me. So the decision was made to do the Susan G Komen 5k Walk/Run. It's the same cause, breast cancer, just a different group.

Turns out there are a few coming up, so I am going to the next 3 in the area. Of course the one in October is in Temecula, which yes you guessed, means after the race we are going wine tasting. =p

Matt and Jason in SD decided we all need to do the Del Mar mud run....I AM SO UP FOR IT. As Matt says, we will spend more time in the mud on our asses then actually running/jogging/walking. I think we would have way too much and laugh most of the time...we will see.

Anyway, this is it for now.

This is for you Aims and all women everywhere, including myself ^_^


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