Working on cracking the PC version of FFVII and using RPG maker 3-D to recreate FFVII will playing Zack and having you find Cloud in Mideel, having Areis be ressurected, and of course I am including playable sephiroth when you brind 12 toy soilders and the masamune replicaand Mytril to #2 in midgar Percentage done: 34% have Zack sprite replace clouds and new text when we meet areis and Tifa. Added the side quest after North Crater, instead of sephiroth getting the black materia from cloud he releases his "Will" and posses the shinra solider guarding rufus who happens to be a blond haired boy who rymes with proud. and added some cool new story changes like Zack thinking should he kill his best freind to stop a madman? instead of clouds old Sephiroh is conrolling me stuff. Update Completed and the file hoster for it got closed down because Square Actually looked me up. So Can't host it and Square took my game and asked me to delete all files to it and they won't get law involved. (If i see my game on PS3 LAW is going to get involved)