I like Harvest Moon AP I guess
My Terraria worlds were deleted! SO MAD. >:-(
I just wanted you to know that my bro has a YouTube channel (OmniGeoff) and you guys should check him out cuz he iz aweshum. n.n
Well... I left my 3DS on for about 2 weeks... It was dead... I think my characters are too.. AnimalCrossingNewLeaf 3DS
I had to work my butt off trying to complete this because all our data was reset. Now our Wii is broken. *Silently cries in the corner* ZackandWikiQuestForBarbarosTreasure Wii
*Ahem* I don't understand one thing, just one... HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO MAKE MONEY IN THE BEGINNING?!?! HUH? HUH?! Tell me THAT. HarvestMoonTreeOfTranquility Wii
Anyone else think the Floran says funny stuff when you examine it? LOL! Starbound PC
Merry Christmas! I really want the new vesion of Zelda; The Wind Waker...
I can't decide what I wanna play... Harvest Moon(AP, MM, TOT) or Infinite Undiscovery... :(
I'm sick, I'm bored, I feel awful. Imma play MINECRAFT!
I'm currently OBSESSED with Minecraft. IDK why, I just am. :3
I created a new file and I'm trying to get Owen so I can have a cute little red-haired girl! I <3 red hair!!!
I've had my first little girl, Alice, in Harvest Moon Animal Parade with Chase! She iz da cutest lil' thing!
This game is just TOO addicting... In a good way! :) StyleSavvyTrendsetters 3DS
I got Style Savvy last week. I CAN BARLEY PUT IT DOWN! XD XD XD
I'm SUCH a Harvest Moon geek. n_n
I'm not sure whether to by a barn pgrde or a hose pgrade in HM:AP Hmmm... Help?
I'm trying to get the Purple Bell, and I have Annissa and Chase's wish. I'm working on Candace and the Mayor. EDGE STOP CRYING!!! DX HarvestMoonAnimalParade Wii
Playing HM Animal Parade! Tryin' to start where I left off!
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