Aug 17, 13 2:42pm
DM me on twitter if you want to talk! ellieevincent
Jun 4, 12 1:27pm
Miss my old Neoseeker friends:(
Aug 7, 11 7:48pm
I am so cool..
Aug 1, 11 3:59pm
Cookie -.-
Apr 24, 11 11:17am
Feeling GLEEfull.
Apr 20, 11 11:00am
Oct 12, 10 1:31am
Angel_8889 blogged
Oct 27, 09 4:53pm

HI everyone!! The AMAZING Angel88891 is bac in da house!! I have been gone for a LONG time, cos of homework and that. You know, lyk 100x34-454=
Yeah.. They mays well be doing 234575312967420 to the power of.. err.. 12121212121212! LOL!! I'm hyper today, and bored, and hungry, and tired, and thrirsty.. Anyway.. So I dicided (rubbish spelling!) to do a blog!! Not that blogs are boring.. But ANYWAY.. the comp I did AGES ago, (finding the cutest pic of an animal, and writing a bit about it) No body actually had a go... Sooooooo I'm gunna do it again:

What you have to do.. Is find a really cute pic of a pet. Write a bit about it, and well.. thats mainly it!! Winner will be announced as soon as possible!! Good luck if any1 actually plays!!!!!

AND, I'm also gunna start a BIG LOL chain!! So if you like the word LOL (okayy. I dunno if its a word but oh well!) post lol on this blog!!

OK!! Here is my e.g of the pet comp:

This is Lily. She is a dalmation, as you an see! Her fave human food is spagette bol, but thats only for a treat. She usually eats wagg dry food, which is very healthy. She can run up to speeds of 60mph!! But she likes her comfy bed, at 10:00 when she goes to sleep.



other musingsthoughts
Oct 10, 09 11:30pm
Hey Every1 :P I'm im a HYPER mood XD =]
Angel_8889 blogged
Feb 25, 09 3:01am

THis is my Doggy Angel. Don't ask me why i'm posting this. I'm trying to find out if the picture thing actually works.

So everyone meet me doggy angel!

I've got a comp for you all. Who ever can pm me to cutest picture of any Animal wins. You've got until Friday, then I'll post the winning pic on my blog. I will make you really popular, I'm very good at that!


graphic design
Angel_8889 blogged
Feb 25, 09 2:56am

Some Fun Funny Facts

Cockroaches can live for 9 DAYS after their head has been cut off.

The world's largest amphibian is the giant salamander. It can grow up to 5 ft. in length.

The first coast-to-coast telephone line was established in 1914.

Angel_8889 blogged
Feb 7, 09 2:26am

Guess what! MY school has been burgled and we had all the windows broken and the burglers have stolen all our sports and stuff! We had to go to a different school while they cleaned it up! It's a right state. Our school is the best in the area, so we had all really expensive equitment. We had really good balls and stuff! It's amazing how the head didn't catch them. We've got camera's up all over the place!

But the worst thing is, my friend took her phone to school, gave it to the teacher. The stupid teacher forgot to give it back and we went back on Wednesday and her phones gone! The school are paying for it though! How bad!
Please comment!
Has this ever happened to your school?

I've never had a fire at my school have any of u guys have?

Angel_8889 blogged
Feb 2, 09 2:52am

i'm sorry you know who you are for being a stupid weirdo. I'm an awful friend and for everything you've done for me i'm a horrible pig.


Angel_8889 blogged
Feb 1, 09 11:09pm

Hi it me again Ellie! It's sooooo not fair! My mum says i'm not alloud outside in the snow because i've had a flu! I'm over it now and she still not letting me out! It's school tomorrow! I'm so BORED! I cant have any friends round, the sims 2 pets has crashed the sims 2 is doing my heddin! What can i do? I@M BORED. I've been in for 4 days! I'm gunna die if I dont go outside!

Sorry for nagging!

Anyway some questions.

1. Are you alloud outside when its cold?
2. Are you alloud to the park on your own?
3. Is it snowing where you are?
4. do you have an unfair mother?

Angel_8889 blogged
Jan 31, 09 10:37pm

Hello Yes its boring me again lol :) Anyway i'd like to dedicate this BLOG(highly important!) to my bestest friends on Neoseeker. Gosh it sounds like a speech!

Sorry if you're not on here it means youre not a good enough friend yet or i've forgot sorry!

Starz- Starz is so cool and great to talk to if you have any problems she's allways helping me!

LordTiger9- Lord Tiger 9 spends most his time on the Sims 2 Pets forum, so do Starz and I. thats were I met him. He has given me and everyone on S2P forum brilliant advice. Rock on dude!

Pedigree- Pedigree is a nice chap! He usd to me the moderator for the Sims 2 Pets forum and sadly couldn't run it anymore. He was a great moderator and taught me a thing or two as well!

Anime ashley- Anime ashley is my neo-sister and a great one two. She allways looks out for me when I am stuck and we share funny jokes!

Petzrule- Petzrule was the first friend I ever had on neoseeker, he helped me with everything! (I was a slow learner!) He is one of my bestest friends on Neoseeker!

justplayingitcool- justplayingitcool is a friend of Petzrule. He helps you when you're stuck and makes funny jokes!

They'res loads more i could write but ive got to go and eat! I'm starving!

neoseeker related
Angel_8889 blogged
Jan 31, 09 9:27pm

AAAAH mummy they're all staring at me! @@

LOL! Hi I'm Ellie this is my first ever blog so dont be too harsh on me!
And i've also been poorly! *coughs* SEE! anyway. I'm 122. No! 12! and im at high school. *sighs* I'm good at Netball. I'm on the team with year9 ppl and im the shooter and im small! The teacher says im a little dreamer. Which is great. Yea I act like a baby! I have this cute baby voice and i have my hair in lllllooooonnnnnggggg pigtails.

I hope i havent bored you! Sorry if i have but im only little remember that! See you next time and hopefully I'll have some more stuff to write about like food!

Nov 22, 08 6:05am
great really good TheSims2ApartmentPets
Nov 22, 08 6:05am
allright TheSims2Castaway
Nov 22, 08 6:05am
really fun lol WiiSports
Nov 22, 08 6:05am
for xmas! WiiFit

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