hello angel

oh gotta keep writing keeeeep writing
how are you? hows your day? whats up?
no you didnt!
you did?!
you should have told me!
you did?
oh.. bye then!
I should have signed your book sooner but I'm here now. Your a Great person Angel and we always have fun xD
*scribble scribble*
I seriously can't remember where I met u. Ahh, no matter now!
Oh, the extremely stupid 125 character minimum. Well, we all love the 125 character minimum, dont we?
My name is Borat. Hi-five!
Pecan pie!
Oh my! It's me! On TV!
Squeaky rubber ducks go quack, quack, quack!
Quack, quack, quack!
Quack, quack, quack!
Squeaky rubber ducks go quack, quack, quack!
All- day- long!!!
That should do it!
Stay cool.



I already got giant cookie.

Told you.

See ya!
Thx and leting me join your gang and
being friendly to me and everyone.
So here I go.....STAMP.....

Thx to yiyibowser

I hope you can sign mine
too if you have time.

A fello Cat lover.
Hope you like it..
Take care and be good
Hey, got your signing. Thanks! I dont have a stamp, but i made you a little poem about our friendship. Here goes...

Friends are like flowers,
smell nice in the sun,
Friends are like flowers,
always in the mood to have a bit of fun.
Friends are like flowers,
cheer you up when your blue,
So if friends were flowers,

Hope you like it.
Please pm me when you get this.
How is it been? PM when you can so we can talk!
Heyz. ^__^
Yep I came back,
I loves your stampy. ;D
Well heres my super suckeh stamp for naoz. x3


I'm making a real one very soon so.. yeah lolz.


I'm signing your Guest Book!!!

Huh? You noticed?



Hehe, like ma new stampy?

Mmm... Cookies... =p

Yes, you are really awesome, and I'm glad that we're friends =)

Hello, Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy the basket of goodies I have prepared for you! lol

Thanks for Being Awesome!

I finally got a cool stamp! Yay! So I'm on a stamping spree! YAY!


See ya!


Happy D-day, i hope that you like it -gives cupcakes-
ty for signing mine! im now signing yours! hope we can do wi-fi soon again and i will try to get everyting you need!!!!!!:
Hi angel! Remember me? From aminal crossing! I sawed u on the Rune section and thought i would say hi! I just got it and lovin it =D
Happy Birthday! Hope it's ontime! Well anyway, make it good and heres a birthday stamp! Sorry it sucks!

Like i said Happy Birthday and sorry it sucks

Hope you sign my guestbook and I hope we meet at animal crossing soon.
My first time to stamped somebody

HI Sis! i got a new stamp its kaiser cheifs!
the dogs are gonna make a riot run there tryin 2 rob kaiser cheifs!
do yu have mario kart ds cause if y udo lets rase
It'll be soo fun i'm hoping you have it!!! how often do you check this thing i wanna race you today!
pretty much now! ASAP!
ok im signin cause im bored so yay!I think?i dont know! omg im goin insane!!!!aghhh!!!
=))) Okies x]

Heh, anime ftw much? Lol.

Hmm, we should discuss this further on in PM... XP

Well, cya later! Well not literally, but you know what I mean..... XD
Just dropping by to say hi to my bunny friend! =D

Oh and also....


My mistress, Queen ACM, is a highly valued member of Neoseeker and the AC:WW forums. She is very kind. And nice. And very kind. And super nice. Did I mention mega kind?

She's very friendly, and that's why everyone loves her And not because of her AR Noez, I'm jokingz

And she likes H.K. If you can figure out what that is(it's not Hong Kong even though I love it to bits x]), sign her guestbook back with a stamp of it. Yesh, a stampy =D

Anyways, bye for now, my mistress, Queen AC Mad's slavey ^^