yo you signed mine so i sign back and thx for the 100 post thing

hhhhhhhhhhhey joel

just showing off my sexy new stamp...
Thanks for signing my Guestbook! I've seen you around a lot, too, but I never got to know you. That's okay with me, though.

Maybe we can be Neofriends? PM me!

P.S. I love your avatar!
Hey Angel of Death101. You are one of my neofriends so I thought it would be polite to sign your guest book. Hope you don't leave the Lucky Number 7. I check every day so I can continue where you left off. I like the Metroid Prime Series as well. My last post on L#7 was where they go find the surviving members to recrute them. If you have any ideas, just PM me. I check my PM's every day except when I go to my dad's house, he doesn't have internet. Maybe Me and you can start a subject with you in command. Well this is lengthy so I better stop.

Your Neofriend,
Andrew David Adams (My full name.)
Hi there! I see you alot in the Kingdom Hearts II forums! By the way hehe I'm 12 and blah blah blah...I decided to come sign your guestbook so ya...could you sign mine fo me?
Thank you JoelJoel. Your signing excites me.

I think I'll just go and play some Gears Of War now.

Jealous ? =D
Hi. I just thought I would sign your guessbook. I;m Ansem The Wise from the Lucky 7 thread. My real name is Mike Mount. I'm only 14, but i'm pretty sure there are younger people in these forums.