You probably don't know me, but I'm signing to tell you that your avatar has successfully hijacked my brain. Curses!

Hey wazup?!
Happy Holidays and Happy 2008 new year!
WAY 2 GO KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!keep posting!Nice motto! Pixiegyrl99

Hey mate, thanks for the awesome banner and stamp you made (stamp shown below):

I know its not right to ask, but I would appreciate it if you could return the favour?

Thanks mate.

Hey man, loved the banner you made me. Looks really nice. Sign my guest book back. Thanks again, peace. You hate the 125 character limit too?
Thanks for the stamp man much appreaciated

Hey dude. Thanks for the Abyss Header. It looks pretty good. Here is a stamp!

Thanks for the diary header mate, you've improved greatly in your graphix.. Keep it up!..

The banners are the best, you have talent also i would like to know if you are interested in making more banners for my diary?
Hey man, you did a great job with those banners thanks, i really needed them for my diary. when i find my stamp ill stamp it here thanks.
Dude, great Header & Stamp, so as promised, here's a signing!

Thanks again!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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Hi mate,

Just leaving a signing sayin thanks for the Judgment Day graphics for mine and Statos diary.

Heres a Old Stamp :

Thanks Again!

Hey! I promised a G-Book signing, and here it is!

The banner was great for a "quick attempt". The banner is one of the best I've had

Here it is:

Once again, Thanks

Nice graphics skills dude!

thanks for the lashley banner its truly asazing ure one of the best GFX crator i know! :D:D:D:D
thanks so much for the brothers of destruction banner its great man thanks again the brothers of destruction rock with there double choke slams and stuff
Your Work Is Truly Amazing, The King Of The Ring Tournament Ladder You Made Me Had Style And Looks Very Cool.

See You Around The Forums.
Thanks alot fella for all the help, you've probably made my work better!

Hey, thanks for the MNM header you made me. It is so awesome! I promised I would sign your guestbooks so here ya go!

I love the header! And this stamp too!
Thanks for making me the NCW Triple H & Stephanie McMahon header. It's really good

Have a stamp

Hey man, thanks for The Undertaker RP Header for Neoseeker Championship Wrestling. So, as I said here's a stamp!

He is great
he is magnificent
He is amazing
He is
hey dude thanks a milion for that John Cena RP header, sorry i dont have a stamp lol keep up the good work mate hope to see you around inthe GFX forum, hey, maybe you could even make me a stamp lol just kidding keep up the good work mate
Thanks tonz for the Jeff Hardy TWE roleplay header. I made this one to re-pay you.
thank alot its great

thanks for the stamp dude
Hey man thanks for that great HBK and Flair header you made barrick and I, it's pretty good, anyways thanks for making it and you do deserve a stamp!

thanks for the awsome resize on my banner, U ROCK. also thx for resizen it when knowone would, your cool and hope to c u on this forum reguly. and iv already seen this so keep it up