One of my favourite ps2 games BeyondGoodandEvil PC
brilliant psx game, and one of the first i ever played! TombRaider PSX
A great game, but far too short Stolen
brilliant konami game. I especially like the multi-ending storyline! ShadowOfDestiny PS2
A cool arcade game on ps2 (great music too) CrazyTaxi DC
Another game which i need to complete, but seems great so far! FrenzyPop iPhone
adding yet another great game to the mgs series! MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater PS2
just as good as mgs2, with extras! MetalGearSolid2Substance Xbox
A great konami action game CyGirls PS2
another good mgs game, although i prefer mgs1 MetalGearSolidVRMissions PSX
The greatest psx game ever!! MetalGearSolid PC
good game so far, although i still need to complete it! SyphonFilter2 PSX
Not a bad game, but i prefer gta3, and gta:vice city, on ps2 GrandTheftAuto2 PC
Another great oddworld game! OddworldAbesExoddus PSX
different to the style of games i usually play, but still a great game! OddworldAbesOddysee PSX

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