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Jun 14, 14 7:51am

What can I say about Super Smash Bros. Wii U that most gamers won't already know? The title is being developed in conjunction between Bandai Namco Games and franchise director Masahiro Sakurai's company Sora Ltd. which might put some fans on their g....

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May 24, 14 7:27am

So many folks have been waiting for Ike to return for the new Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS, and now that he has now arrived with his powerful flaming sword, I am so damn glad to know about that and now it is time to wait till the game's release. :) Although I'm hoping for Marth and Roy to also return but I doubt that, since they brought Ike back.
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May 24, 14 7:23am
And I'm actually planning on buying a slim ps2 soon! SONY

Sony made it a point to apply any hard lessons learned from the PlayStation 3 in conceiving and eventually releasing the PS4, and it seems its efforts have paid off in spades just six months after the launch of the new console. In a corporate strate....

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Aug 24, 13 12:09pm

Remember that weird Dark Souls II teaser from last week? Many of you have speculated on what it could be about -- the most popular guess being a more robust character creator -- and the truth is, we still don't know. The teaser is teasing something,....

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Aug 22, 13 9:32am

Contra: Evolution now realeased for Android :) It was already released for iOS devices, however they didn't release the game for Android users until now they finally set the launch of the game for sale at the Google Play Store. :)
Aug 19, 13 4:20pm
Glad to be joined into Neoseeker ^_^
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