Team Hydro Aura Amsey
Mar 18, 13 7:09pm

Amswey my best speehs buddeh I'm sho glad that I got to meet ya and have all our fun times together, my air freshener master.

canderson Amsey
Mar 18, 13 6:45pm

*tears of joy*
Midnight Amsey
Mar 18, 13 5:35am
A very appropriate title. :>

I only just realised I haven't signed your guestbook. D: I AM SORRY MOTHER! I STILL LOOOVE YOU. <333 SO YEAH.

I'm not sure if you're this...

or this...

But then I was like why don't we have both?

HEHEEHURR. Enjoy your day ~

p.s. u smell
hiyy11 Amsey
Mar 8, 13 10:44pm
Thankyou Amsey for such a warm welcome!
CJames Amsey
May 2, 12 6:46pm

    And he wishes is wholeheartedly. ^-^
Vast Amsey
Feb 15, 12 1:36am
Avialace Amsey
Dec 31, 11 6:14pm
And my first gestbook signing goes to... you! c:
To another year of us cheerfully annoying the wonderful members of Neo. <3
Happy New Years!
Wuv you too, buddy. (:
Hearts Amsey
Dec 24, 11 8:39am


Merry Christmas, Amsey! This is the stamp I owed you.. May happy happy happy things come into your life, although your life already seems happy! x3 Have fun on Christmas! Sadly, I have no gifts, :/ Sending this across the globe costs a lot.. So.. I'll be sending my wishes instead!

[div align=left]-Hearts
Pikachu Amsey
Dec 5, 11 6:36am

väl, väl, väl. Vi möts igen! Jag hoppas ni har en fantastisk jul i år, min älskling! Du har en sådan fantastisk vän som om någon försökt att ta dig bort från mig, skulle jag skar dem öppna och döda dem! teehee!