GlaceonGuy Amsey
Aug 24, 15 3:50pm
How much do I have to brib- donate to Neoseeker to become a mod? I need to make people do everything I say.
Chromatus Amsey
Aug 23, 15 10:21pm
Sanic 2 fast
Aug 23, 15 8:54pm
Important message courtesy of GlaceonGuy and myself:
Aug 13, 15 4:14pm
"Lambda is 11th letter of the greek alphabet, cuz ur above a 10" - ShinyMilotic
Aug 08, 15 12:06pm
Happy mock an Australian day, everyone!
Aug 07, 15 12:47pm
started a discussion titled "PokéLounge Presidential Election: Commentary Thread" in PokéLounge
Amsey shared a forum thread
Aug 07, 15 12:47pm _PokéLounge Presidential Election: Nomi

Amsey shared a forum thread
Aug 05, 15 11:12am

_Rules_ (once the game starts): * Don't edit or delete your posts * It is a game don't be mad, be glad! * Only pos

Jul 25, 15 6:45pm
All booked for NYC next year, whoop! I am hopefully meeting Sigma!
Jul 04, 15 10:52pm
wat is mod
Jul 03, 15 10:52am
Jun 22, 15 9:28pm
Sigma is my son.
ShinyMilotic Amsey
May 26, 15 2:23pm
You're not texan, you're scouse.
Lesley Pro_04 Amsey
Apr 30, 15 1:31am
I had a hunch you were going to change your username back to what it once was. All hail Queen Amsey! :D
Chromatus Amsey
Apr 29, 15 9:33pm
It's nice to see your old name again!
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