Amoena blogged
Jan 10, 09 4:58am

Well, it's getting to be that time for me. You know, the transition from middle school to High School. I'm a little nervous because i'm not sure if I'll be accepted into the school I want to get into. And I really want to get there because of all the obvious reasons.

For one, the school's really high up there. If accepted there, I know it's going to be a great learning experience and that I'll enjoy my time there and make many friends. And second, my only other option is this really crummy school with a terrible rep. I mean, it's not that all the kids there are dumb... but they're all messed up! By this I mean that my surroundings there wouldn't be too great. (Like, for example, a while ago two guys were caught having sex in the bathroom--and everyday there's some sort of fight going on outside the school).

Well, if anyone has any advice to help me out, that would be super appreciated.

Until my next blog post (i'm not very good at this, as you might see), see you later. (Y)


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