Hey, do you remember me? I really hope you do, because we haven't talked in a while and it'd be cool to hear from you.

I think we were like, in a neo-relationship? Ha, that sounds really stupid.

That was a long time ago. If I could hear from you, that'd be great. If you don't remember me... well this is awkward!

Couldn't remember if I ever signed. I don't know how to make stamps so here's a pic of animal crossing its kind of big.

Hi. Just going on a signing spree to all my friends and friends' friends. Have a great day!
Thanks for adding me to your friendspage
Just saw it today, or else i would`ve done this earlier. I really appriciate that you see me as a good friend! When i ever make a sort of friendpage, you will be the first on top! I promise you that

Thanks, LG
Thanks for the sign.

Thought I'd tag you back.

Nice work with the Welcome and Instructions.

~From an Irish Girl herself~

the mighty boosh is amazing... sure it makes absolutely no seance but still
I love Mr. Susan.. "Look at them shine" lol
I know we don't talk to each other a lot, but you were my first neo-friends and vise versa, so here is a little Issun picture for you!

I signed your guestbook
And commited suicide
And followed Osama's footsteps

Gotta love Mario.



So yeah...


Hooray you like okami brill

wait, i said BRILL?!

Damn me

*Presses 3*

I'm commiting suicide.

And killing you.

But while I was at it I just figured I might as well do this.

this is kirby in brawl, I hope you don't mind

xoxo, sort of,
hey i'm signing your guestbook and i got a new stamp i wanted to show you!

bye talk to you soon
Check them out and love me!

omfg im signing ur guest bokk kuz u pwn!!
see ya 'round' in 'da gangs
ps. sry i dint have a stamp yet but ill ahve some one make me one sooon!
hey guess what i'm going to sign my neo-brouthers guestbook! oh yeah your my neo-brouther! I don't have a stamp but i do have cookies! this time i'll give you one.
*gives cookie*
pm me and we can talk
I thought you would like this image. What do you think?

Starborn says you are cool, because you are nice, and fun, and enjoyable to be around with! , and you supply yummy cookies =D!
yo you rock so much i can't even explain it

Don't these look like something off of Okami?
Since you like Okami as much as I do, this is for you.
Heeeeyyy I just met u in da gang but i can already tell ur a COOLISH DUDE(TTE). OHHHH YEAH.

SRY, i don't have a stamp yet!
so this is temporary

BY EE4567
Because you asked so nicely and reminded me of a ickle teddy bear awww, cushy cushy coo!!! Meow ARF!!! AAAAROOOO!