Agent C Amelia Jayne
Dec 5, 10 11:21pm

Because you're one of my best friends, and you're god damn awesome, you get this:

Thanks for being so awesome ;D
Cheatergirl007 Amelia Jayne
Sep 27, 08 11:43pm

Do u know Rebecca from Big Brother?!?
LOL. Iknow, i started watching it.

I'm back, ya know!

starz Amelia Jayne
Sep 27, 08 8:39pm

Hi. =O

New stamp!

Credit to...ME! Mwuhahahaha.

How are you? How's your art coming along? I looked at your thread, I think you should upload more!

From your NEOBUDDY!
Animal Crossing Mad Amelia Jayne
May 25, 08 7:57pm

I'm signing your Guest Book!!!

Huh? You noticed?



Hehe, like ma new stampy?

Mmm... Cookies... =p

Signing your guestbook with my luhvely stamp D:
starz Amelia Jayne
Feb 15, 08 1:20am


Yeah, yeah. Lovely welcome & instructions there huh?


I finally got a cool stamp! Yay! So I'm on a stamping spree! YAY!


See ya!


Lg Amelia Jayne
Nov 3, 07 12:52am
Hi! I've seen ya around Neo (you haven't seen me) and thought I'd sign your guestbook. Sorry, but I don't have a stamp... Oh yeah, congrats on being Member of the Week! Feel free to drop me a PM!
brotheredy Amelia Jayne
Sep 1, 07 1:18am
im signin every 1s guest book until i cant signin every1s guest book
nikkiole Amelia Jayne
Aug 21, 07 8:53pm
Well guess what?

I can deletez your entry XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

Poor Amelia... I'm going to show what you said on msn to everyone lolz
nikkiole Amelia Jayne
Aug 20, 07 11:37pm
My mistress, Queen ACM, is a highly valued member of Neoseeker and the AC:WW forums. She is very kind. And nice. And very kind. And super nice. Did I mention mega kind?

She's very friendly, and that's why everyone loves her And not because of her AR Noez, I'm jokingz

And she likes H.K. If you can figure out what that is(it's not Hong Kong even though I love it to bits x]), sign her guestbook back with a stamp of it. Yesh, a stampy =D

Anyways, bye for now, my mistress, Queen AC Mad's slavey ^^
Fluidity Amelia Jayne
Aug 16, 07 10:50pm
Thanks for the compliments and the stamp. Just here to return the favor, and wish to you a good time on Neo. See ya around! ^^

Animal Crossing Mad Amelia Jayne
Aug 14, 07 12:11am
Just realised I haven't signed your GB! Soooo... STAMP!!

Hehe, sign back! ^^

My first signing in pink! Lucky you.

nikkiole Amelia Jayne
Aug 8, 07 4:43am

I don't wanna be eaten... *sniff*

XD But no stampy either this time... =[

I'mma find a new one right now =D

This sucks XP

It's gettin' old... >.<

and yeees, I do like having spaces in between each line =D

Bye now,
Cheatergirl007 Amelia Jayne
Jul 28, 07 9:10pm
1: Please read my book, Yunga Yii! Its in the writer's lounge!
2: Please post what you think of my book, Yunga Yii, that's in the writer's lounge...
3: Please SIGN back!!!!
4: Have a nice day!

Kiba344 Amelia Jayne
Jul 11, 07 11:39pm
Just Saw you in the RuneScape Forums and thought I'd sign you geust book, hope to see you around.

AKA: K-3


nikkiole Amelia Jayne
May 6, 07 7:17pm
Hi!I thought I should sign your guestbook -with a stamp(yay!)-seeing as you are in D.W.a.T.B. and stuff...

I'm bumming off this lol
HarukaKioku Amelia Jayne
May 6, 07 4:18am
Yep, you bet I'm happy about being the first signature in your guestbook! Teehee, you seemed like a nice person and you work for DWaTB on the AC:WW forum, so I went on a quest to search for you and your elusive guestbook. XD ....<.<....>.>...Well, I'm off to go hunt down more guestbooks. *mission impossible theme plays*

Oh, and while I'm here, why not give you a cute little stamp?