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Oct 04, 09 3:22am

Tuesday afternoon movies and whatnot

Hey guys, just writing to talk a little about the two movies I watched at my friend's place on Tuesday afternoon. Stocked with cans of soft drink and pizza, we sat down and watched these movies back-to-back and they were both interesting in their own way.

The first movie we watched was Zardoz. This science fiction films starred Sean Connery, a few years after his last Bond film and was directed by John Boorman, on the slim budget of $1m USD. Because my plot description won't quite do the movie justice, I suggest reading it at it's Wikipedia page but it's an utter mind*bleep* of a movie at times. Incredibly trippy, surreal and strange, with some strange scene choices and flashes of nudity all the way through, it certainly stays interesting, and coming out of watching it, I can't say I didn't like it. However, it was mind-bending in the way you don't really want to put yourself through another sitting of it. :P

Here's the YouTube trailer, which should give you a fair indication of the direction of the film. And the film is even more trippy.

The second movie I watched was Kill Bill: Volume 1. My friend is a big Tarantino fan, and I was certainly up for seeing it, as I myself really liked Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction ranks amongst my favourite movies ever. However, I can't say I enjoyed this. It was clownish and stupid; the violence ridiculous, and the plot incredibly convoluted. I felt myself losing IQ points for every dismembered limb to fall, of which there were many. I will probably watch Volume 2, but I doubt I'll enjoy it much either.

Daryl Hannah in that nurse's outfit was one of the few pluses for this movie.

That's all for now, next post the next time I procrastinate, which can't be too far away. :P

"Mother, I'm shaking while I write, tonight I'll stay awake and try to breathe away my fright
There's a letter waiting for me that I have yet to read cause I know it's not from you
And you're the only one I need, I'm tired and I'm cold and I want to go to bed
But there's no one here to tuck me in, so the shotgun will instead"

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