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Things that bother you that you know are stupid and shouldn't bother any rational human being? I'll go first: wh

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Hi guys, never really shown my face in this forum before but I thought it would be a good place to ask about Adelaide! A g

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I'm due to start a new job on the 2nd of January. I've been with my current employer for 2 years now, but due to a nu

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Nearly an MCITP in Virtual Server 2008!
Apr 3, 10 11:47pm
Can you pull the knife out my back?
Mar 20, 10 6:58am
Happy :)
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Jan 17, 10 6:25am

I wondered how long it would take for my thoughts to manifest into something productive. I saw someone else that I used to know from Bridgwater College had been keeping a blog, and truth be told, it wasn't that interesting, but it did give me the idea to keep my own. Not to compete or anything, because this is pretty much just somewhere for me to scrawl down my thoughts.

I recently moved to Kingston which is just a little southwest of central London. It was a big step, but I feel that, for the moment at least, I've gotten pretty much as much as I can out of Weston. It's a pretty small place with not that much going in terms of prospects. It's all been quite rushed though, the idea was to move here which Gemma when the lease expires on her current flat, but things were accelerated quite alot by some heated arguments with mum last week.

So the idea was to move down, settle in, and find a job. It's so daunting. If I get a job here, that's pretty much it, sorted, I'm stuck here, not that I don't like the idea, it's just weird in a no-going-back kinda way. I'm leaving a few good friends behind, but I'm hoping the bond is strong enough that it wont really matter, i'll hopefully be back semi-often anyway for visits.

This was only meant to be a short little entry, oops! In other news, I want a new tattoo.. I really really want another one, a gypsy, on the inside of one of my biceps, probably my left.

anyway, I'll leave it at this for now, if I think of more to add, I'm sure i will.

musingsthoughts london tattoo
Oct 27, 09 5:39am
has been working long and hard on web design pricing..
Oct 3, 09 6:33pm
I fear a world, witout the sun
Sep 30, 09 5:19pm
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