I was just looking through my guestbook and found people actually signed it xP

So I'm signing yours as repayment for signing mine.

I just found your name in the "forum participants" section on the Loungin forum. It's only one number/letter different from mine. Lol.
Here's my awesome stamp of awesomeness:

Sign back when you can! ^-^

Cheer for the random signing. It's only fair that I sign you back; it'd be discourteous if I didn't, no? Well, I have no graphical abilities, and I don't care to try, so have some of these pics and stuff instead:

Use them wisely.

I suppose you could, technically, consider this to be my sig, though:

Well, see ya 'round, maybe...
Thank you for adding Naruto into your Favourite Forums. I hope to see you participating there soon for a hopeful General Naruto forum! Here you are:

Declaring my Gaara obsession everywhere XD.
Hey, I saw you in Mescellanious Games forum, so I decided to stamp your GB.

No, I'll stay with the light side. Sign Back and we'll be Neofriends, if you like.
Thanks for the help with my guestbook,so here you go:
Hey man, thanks for signing my guestbook, and by the way I love .Hack//. Thanks for the Blackrose pic .
Hey Alpha X3 Im signing your GB since were neofriends. please sign back anyways, i hope we beat MegaSobi and scarecrow. now bye!

hey just goin around stamping my friends g-books for valentines day before i forget:P

im sighning your guest book cause your cool and got my back which is pretty cool so just sayin thanks

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hey np for makin the avvie was bored and i had some spare time
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