Waluigi_the_KF Alpha X3
Dec 09, 06 10:00pm
I was just looking through my guestbook and found people actually signed it xP

So I'm signing yours as repayment for signing mine.

alpha XF Alpha X3
Dec 01, 06 4:41am
I just found your name in the "forum participants" section on the Loungin forum. It's only one number/letter different from mine. Lol.
Here's my awesome stamp of awesomeness:

Sign back when you can! ^-^

The Hero Hartmut Alpha X3
Sep 17, 06 2:29am
Cheer for the random signing. It's only fair that I sign you back; it'd be discourteous if I didn't, no? Well, I have no graphical abilities, and I don't care to try, so have some of these pics and stuff instead:

Use them wisely.

I suppose you could, technically, consider this to be my sig, though:

Well, see ya 'round, maybe...
Amy Alpha X3
Aug 30, 06 4:21pm
Thank you for adding Naruto into your Favourite Forums. I hope to see you participating there soon for a hopeful General Naruto forum! Here you are:

Declaring my Gaara obsession everywhere XD.
Lukas Alpha X3
May 20, 05 10:32am
Hey, I saw you in Mescellanious Games forum, so I decided to stamp your GB.

No, I'll stay with the light side. Sign Back and we'll be Neofriends, if you like.
son gohan Alpha X3
Apr 10, 05 9:41pm
Thanks for the help with my guestbook,so here you go:
protozerox Alpha X3
Mar 28, 05 4:54am
Hey man, thanks for signing my guestbook, and by the way I love .Hack//. Thanks for the Blackrose pic .
not logged in Alpha X3
Mar 06, 05 10:18pm
Hey Alpha X3 Im signing your GB since were neofriends. please sign back anyways, i hope we beat MegaSobi and scarecrow. now bye!

Budokai Freak Alpha X3
Feb 13, 05 3:01am
hey just goin around stamping my friends g-books for valentines day before i forget:P

maddoggydog Alpha X3
Feb 03, 05 5:23am
im sighning your guest book cause your cool and got my back which is pretty cool so just sayin thanks

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Budokai Freak Alpha X3
Jan 14, 05 5:05am
hey np for makin the avvie was bored and i had some spare time
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