Where is Sony putting the spin on this news? They saw a 40% increase in sales over the whole year and thus aren't... read more

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My homebrew PSP takes offense to that. Being able to play SNES, NES, Sega, and virtually all the PS1 titles at full... read more

HDMI support your suppose? Come on now...

Also, you people thinking that just because of the higher capacity of... read more

It's funny to see how much those massive boots impede upon her ability to do half of those moves hahaha. read more

Damn, I can't even imagine one of these cards with some liquid cooling. read more

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I don't understand your part about "it even says" that means nothing. Collectors Edition and Steam Gold & Silver... read more

DOD:S is now available for Pre-load, I'm preloading it but I still don't think when it's released I'll be able to... read more

It's not a matter of Steam considering it as a bronze addition. It's really easy to tell the difference between... read more

I swear to god, If I'm not able to play it I'm going to raise hell. I bought the Half-Life 2 Collectors edition,... read more