Bleh, stereotypical complaint about Uni Final /end
May or may not come back, so much has changed since I first joined.

Just thought I'd login since it has been some time. Wanted to give a lil' update on my life, I'm going to University! Actually moving in 15 days so I'm rather pumped.
Might compile a list of cheat codes for Final Fantasty Tactics Advance VBA.
Yes! I found the original picture in which my avatar came from, (props to Lauzi on this Avatar as well)
What to do, what to do, oh how I am bored.
I realized how much of a brat I was back in the days when I was active.
just up and quits this account without looking over his shoulder.
Not Capable of Love.
Is addicted to listening to music.
Its nice just being average.
realized a couple of my old neo friends don't consider me a friend anymore lol.
Looking to get into more roleplays.
is feeling it a bit depressed.
Alex is Wicked Happy
Destined to always hurt.


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