JordanP70 Alex the Chao
Sep 28, 08 4:51pm
Hey your neohome and profile is sooo cool you hould come and see mine. Hey could you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase sign mine? Pleeease! Thanks

GameTester113 Alex the Chao
Apr 24, 08 3:05am
Still love all your comic and I hope you like mine.
GameTester113 Alex the Chao
Apr 08, 08 4:18am
All right Zoom Rules and if any one else says not there dead.

By the way................ oh never mind I think you will find out.
game hunter III Alex the Chao
Mar 26, 08 5:08pm
I'm signing random books and yours was one of them! kinda funny isn't it? anyway, sign back here

p.s. that link can also be viewed at school!
Kopper Alex the Chao
Mar 24, 08 12:34pm
He's not holding it right... Zoom really iz stupid. It's gonna hit him. BOOM! HEADSHOT! I doubt the Crobat's of his brain be EV'ed.
Quarxyz Alex the Chao
Nov 30, 07 8:26pm
im just signing youre guest book

blah blah blah bla bla bla blah
Ub3r Shadow Alex the Chao
Oct 06, 07 4:17pm
finnaly added this page to sig? good i got a few doing that n00b. SIGN MINE mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chili dogs