Mr Towne,

Thank You for signing my guestbook, seems you're a smart guy, I hoped we can exchange our knowledge.

Your Sincerely
Dimitri Blinov.
My PM's get suspended because of forum issues, there wasn't really a reason for them to be taken away. But alot of people complain about me because I say stuff they don't want to hear and burst bubbles so yeah... lol.

I'm playing a cool game called Cabal online.

It's a MMORPG, I usually don't like them but this one is cool. It's free too

Too bad my PC sucks, I have to get a new brain to even play it right, because right now I have like 5 frames per second XD.
Yeah! You've been on my neofriends list for a while, probably one of my first friends lol.

You should get Xfire,

I"m on there alot, it was lucky chance that I came on here today, I don't come on here often.

I can't use PMs, it's a long story about a ban... Maybe email can work better

Take Care
Have a Happy Halloween!
hey, im just returning the sign from NOV.2003.

ill stamp you

Long, long ago, during the days of AC04 you signed by guestbook and you asked me to sign yours. I will now stamp you, in payment.

im just returnin the sign from NOV 03. ML never forgets! kdf jshgs ah gska ljfggakhaljkhgjkgh ajkfhjd kfhasjkfhdskfhd asf jhfljkf fahajflkafhdsjlfd hal fhdfjladfhjalkdf ja dsflhfjas kdfhsjlfhj dfk lafhjd alskfhaf hdsafjlh

Just for the 255 invalid space thing
Thanks for Signing me guestbook. So here I go. My stamp got deleted so I'll just post.

You've been written to by PEEK_A_BUU!

Seeya around the forums.

Peek_a_buu Buu!
You are a Great Friend!! even if I knew you for only 2 months. I just got a some stamps and I wanted 2 stamp ya and tell u that. see you around the MOHRS forum.
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook and all, heres a DBZ picture,:

Keep it real!
I am good,thanks for signing in my should come on neoseeker more othen. talk to you later.

how did you become so good at games????
Well I guess I should check my guest book more often. Thanks for signing. I can't wait for AC05! Did I see someone mention GT4? That's one of my other favorite games. I can't wait for GT4!

If you have something to say, just say it.
Nothing ever changes through silence.
Sorry it's taken me so long to come over
here and sign your guess book,thanks for
your support while I was mod over on the
AC-04 board.But now I'am back to being
just one of the guys there now.

I really dont mind though,with a whole lot
of things going on,it would be hard to mod
at this point.Anyway,hope to see around on
the AC-04 forum.

Ace Combat fanatic and Aero Elite junky.
Hey Alec how ya doing? Thanks for signing my guestbook.

Keep the Gran Turismo forum alive!



Keep playing flight sims we're a dieing breed and it would be a sad day to loose the best. And because with the coming of more UAVs good game experience is the best prerequisite you can have.

signed yours sign mine.
How's it going Alec. I don't exactly call myself a video game expert, but I guess you could give me help when I need it.

Well Thanks for the G-Book signing it was greatly apprecietd and I see you around the forums sometimes in the n^4 section!
You seem ok so check you later!

[size=1]psst ... I joined alot earlier than you but this is my new account[.size]
Whats up Alec! Wow a video game expert thats cool, what do u do as a video game expert?