Doing some random sigings happy to make your life that more meaningful.

Jus' sayin Happy News years and thanks for signing my guestbook..

Happy Holidays! I finally got a chance to sign your book! Sorry it took so long! Hope you have a good holiday!

The colors... You've been stamped by Chomp!
You made me cry.

Haha, nah not really. Anyhow, merry Christmas and whatnot. Have a random google image for when I type in the words "slick ryder"

That thread got way out of hand, haha, wish I never made it.
I LOVE THAT PICTURE it made me laugh! I would make a great bumber sticker! did you you make that or where did you find it I give you a cookie!
Here's a stamp for you.

Oh, and about that bet... the 0 bucks is yours

lol see you around

Yours truly,
Just wanted to say what up!

Guestbook me back my dawg!
I saw the link in your signature saying "sign my guestbook". Well, why not?

So, how's the gang listening? Pssst, if you need to upgrade from Tommy guns to M60s, I have a hookup.

I had to read a stupid book about you over the summer but Al Capone was pretty cool so heres a stamp. You better like anime!!!jk^_^

Hope you like it^_^
I am signing your guestbook because I have seen you around the madden 06 forum and you have a true Italian gangster username. Please sign back my guestbook is collecting major dust

~Don Sciogliere

Thanks for signing my guestbook and your welcome for the resize.

hey i sidned you're guest book because i like you're name, because it's my name to.

Hey man, thanks for signing my guestbook. Nice stamp btw.


Your favorite kitchen appliance,


Little know Capone fact: Al Capone died while in the Alcatraz hospital, due to malaria.How do you contract malaria in a jail cell secluded from all malaria carrying life forms you ask? Easy, there was no know treatment at the time for syphilis, so they tried to kill the bacteria by inducing high fevers, so they injected him with the virus! Hope you live (and die) just the way your name sake did! (PM me on runescape some time, if you play, the name's YwasIbanned)
Hey sup man! Im proud to be the first person i sign your Gusetbook!

Lemme stamp ya


Cya around dude!