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Oct 22, 02 12:56am

Pokemon Blue, released in Japan as Pocket Monster Green (yes, you heard me. In Japan...

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  • "is there a mac simulator of this game cuze i can't find can someone email it to me? PokemonBlue"
    assassin3606 Mar 07, 13 11:48am
  • "I've always preferred Pokémon Yellow, but this is still a fun game. PokemonBlue"
    aves Jul 27, 11 8:35am
  • " the battery died. bye bye bluey PokemonBlue"
    Griffsports Mar 03, 11 1:14am
  • "Had no idea that the creator of Pokémon also has Asperger's Syndrome. Proof that Aspies can be major contributors in society. PokemonBlue"
    Lesley Pro_04 Feb 19, 11 4:03am
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