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Jul 21, 09 5:32pm

Little King's Story @ Neoseeker [LKS@Neo]

This is LKS@Neo: Little King's Story @ Neoseeker, a small little campaign to build the hype for and promote XSEED Games/Marvelous Entertainment/Rising Star Games' kingdom-building RTS/sim Little King's Story for the Wii. Co-developed by CiNG (Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk) and Town Factory, Little King's Story puts you in the shoes of the young Corobo Bred, who finds a mysterious crown that grants him the power to charm people and have them follow his commands.

Corobo isn't exactly the strongest tool in the shed, but hey, he's a king! Why not have your loyal, faithful followers fight for you? Think of it sort of like Pikmin, except with people, and not weird little animal/plant things.

Unlike Pikmin though, these guys have lives. They live, they breathe, and need some care from the ruler of the kingdom. But they'll listen to you and give it their all. Don't forget your daily upkeep of the kingdom, because a growing empire needs money too. It's got needs.

That magical crown makes him Corobo king of his dinky little village, but true kings have aspiration for more global conquest. His little burg Alpoko needs to grow, baby.

There is a big, big world to explore, and exotic kingdoms that needs to be fought. Each kingdom has its own theme, and their own strengths and weaknesses. So do your citizens, especially when they start training up to be some sort of specialized job, including Soldier, Hunters, Farmers, and the like.

Conquer a kingdom, and you earn the kingdom's lands, the vast riches, and the hand of the kingdom's princess, ready and waiting to ride off into the sunset with our little player.

Platform: Wii
Developer: CiNG, Town Factory
Publisher: XSEED Games (NA), Rising Star Games (PAL), Marvelous Entertainment (JP)
Players: 1
MSRP: $49.99 USD
Release Dates: NA: July 21, 2009 | PAL: April 24, 2009 | JP: September 3, 2009
Official Site: NA | PAL | JP

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Jesh Jul 21, 09
This is a very good idea, I'd love to see this continued. Akira, did you do all this by yourself?
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Tainted Jul 21, 09
Geeze Akira. You are going all out for this. I expect one of these for Scribblenauts, definitely.
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McClubbin Jul 21, 09
Awesome job. I just wished my idiot brother didn't pick up The Conduit last week and waited for this.
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Wolfwood Jul 21, 09
Veggie would be so proud, especially with the LKS articles he's posted for Neoseeker thanks to XSEED!