So, today I logged into my old World of Warcraft account after about 2 years of inactivity, was planning to login and see how much had changed like I normally do every so often. This time however, when I logged in I was greeted with a message: "This account has been permanently disabled. For more information please contact" Being as I haven't really cared about the game and wanted to just check things out it didn't bother me that much at first... Until I realized, this is the second time I have lost an account while completely inactive, its not like I gave my friends access or anything like that, haven't been billed to play, nothing. So why?

I have no idea why, in fact I took the chance to email them and I will probably hear back in 6 months or so, to which I will probably be told of some fake reason to try and force me to buy the games again, last time the excuse was something along the lines of "damaging game economy", alright how the hell do you even do that if you're playing the game, let alone inactive for years at a time? You can't, I bet its a made up Terms of Use violation just to force people to pay more money, now I'm not big into conspiracy theories, and I have worked support in the past and know how bad people can be, but WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM BLIZZARD? I refuse to pay for multiple games again just because of some bogus Terms of Use violation that would be impossible for me to violate.

This is a warning to everyone whom hasn't tried WoW yet but has planned to give it a look at some point, don't even bother. They just want your money, too big too fast.

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