Updated: 19th April, 2006 (excluding the friends' list)

I used to go by the name Akari as I was known here on neoseeker, but recently I've been using the name Iraka (other miscellaneous screen names include Kayn, Synn and Mercura). I wasn't very active here in the early days, except some of the FF forums (mostly FFT), a few RPs and sometimes, Loungin'. Now I don't even bother to post as often, just browsing through to see if anything interesting crops up.

Slayerholic17-The Buffy-obssessed girl who plays the beautiful seductress Lucinda in the Vampire RP. When I first saw her avatar, she seemed like a goth XD. But when I got to chatting with her, she's really nice (I seem to be using that word a lot to describe girls...jeez, no mean girls yet huh...). *Cuddles and kisses* I'll say it again. She's really nice.;) *sly smile*

(In alphabetical order)

Angelic Serenity (AS)-Really sweet girl. First met her at the Samurai X RP. She plays the part of Kaoru to perfection. ^_^ do I start? She just came out of the blue and PM'd me in the wee hours of the morning (for her at least, hehe, time zone rulez!). Boredom seems to be the one common ground we had then. Heh well, she's a nice girl overall. So if you're reading this, animegirl, stop grinning already!XD

AprilAKitty-First met her at Washed and FFGirl's wedding. Didn't really know her then and we kinda lost contact. But her latest RP Lost Jewel of Testenare (was that the name? Kinda sorry if I got it wrong), reminded me of her, so we've been keeping touch. A freeform RP, which is cool, since you can mess it up any way you like. XD So everyone, join NOW!!!

BlackShadowX_FierceD-Also met him at the Samurai X RP. Has a great way of making a new language. ;)
Has some cool ideas as well.

Esper Shadow-The originator of the Samurai X RP! I thank him profoundly for creating that RP! Plays the part of Kenshin just too well. ^_^

Excalibur-A nice guy who hangs out a lot at the FFT Forum.^_^

Fahrenheit-I don't really know you, but you're still one of my FFT pals. ^_^

Final Fantasy Girl-Err...never actuall met her, but I still consider her a friend, because she's Wash's neowife.

Firekat-My biological sister. Her results in her latest exams was not up to standard (at least, the standards that I set, lol XD ). Errr...yeah, other than that, I would like to say that her screen name should instead be 'MonkeyQueen'. If you're reading this sis, (which I doubt) please try consider my suggestion. XD

glchica85-A girl who plays twins in the Vampire RP (makes you wonder whether she has a split-side personality or something XD ). Don't call her b***h though, or she'll piss on you. *readies umbrella* (Man am I going to get it if she reads this ;_; )

Gold_knight_blazer-One of my FFT pals as well! Has a great sense of humour. (ie. cake war at Wash's wedding)

guardain-Also known as lonewolf. I've only seen him in the RP thread and he tends to play as a half-human and half-wolf!^_^ Can make up his own stories too!^_^

half_a_pint-Now why didn't I put this guy in my list yet! Sorry man! Well this guy's the originator of the Vampire RP. He's an Anne Rice fan too (go buy her Vampire Chronicles NOW!!!). Say hi to Sackhead for me! (check his art thread XD )

HalfDemon Inuyasha-Yet another FFT pal. Great guy whose one of the active members at the forum.

Hanyou2003-First met her in her RP, 'Vigilante:A Vampire's Tale'. A great girl who comes up with some of the best RPs!^_^

kidsister-Ah, I only met her once and that was way back when I was joining the Neo-Bachelor Auction. Hmm...I wonder what happened to her harems...:laugh:

kyoji-I saw you first in the Anime Forum and you seem to be very knowledgeable about Samurai X. Though your sentences are rather brief in the RP, I like the way you play Aoshi.

lady_lede-A lady from the FFT Forum! She knows as much Japanese as she knows FFT! ^_^

lal26-Hehe, spunky little girl who had too much coffee (I hope she's not reading this...j/k) First met her at Wash's wedding. Also involved in the cake war. ^_^

Liete-My very first neo-friend! I know you're not here anymore, but thanks for being my friend anyways. ;)

Miranda-Met her at Wash's wedding. Seems very nice. ^_^

OreoKiddo-It's Raz! First met him at the NeoBachelor's Auction. Really nice guy. Too bad he's not on much anymore...

Phantasy_Lord-Met him in Samurai X RP as well (damn I miss it...wonder if I could make a sequel or something...). His posts are really worth reading, in the RP I mean. Now I'm not sure where he went off to, but occasionally I do spot him online. If you're reading this, PM me sometime, okay? I wanna know whether you made it as a lawyer yet. ^_^

playstation_chick-I don't see her on anymore. I used to be in her RP. Too bad it's now dead. :(
It had such great potential.

Rinoa_l-I thank BlackShadow for introducing me to her on msn. She seems like a really nice girl, though not very talkative. In my honest opinion, she really does look like Rinoa. ^_^

Sakuramon-First met her at the Lunar Stone RP. Seems like a nice girl. ^_^

Shana-I also met her at the NeoBachelor's Auction. Really nice girl!^_^ It's a shame that she's rarely on nowadays...

Sintaku-First met her at Loungin' in the thread where we tell which country we came from. Claims she's a doctor working for WHO. Whatever it is, I find her interesting to talk to and am glad to add her to my circle of neofriends. (Damn, at first I thought she was a guy! XD )

TurkAgent-How can I forget him? A really good moderator, I met him at the FF8 Tourney.

Washed Unheathen-Hey! Congrats on your wedding! ^_^ You're a really nice guy, and I'm sure FFGirl can confirm it for me!

Yugio-I met him at the NeoBachelor's Auction. He seems nice. Last saw him at Wash's wedding.

(If I missed anyone, I'm soooooo sorry. PM me and I'll be sure to add you to my list. ^_^)


My interests vary from time to time, and I often get random obsessions with something for a while. To put it simply though...

I spend a lot of time online, especially lately since I've nothing better to do till college season starts.
-Chatting on MSN
-Checking out forums
-RPing (mood-dependent)
-Looking for random jokes
-Doing random research, especially making good use of Wikipedia (latest one was on pyrokinetics lol)

-Drawing (again mood-dependent, currently inactive), mostly manga-styled
-Playing around with photoshop, making banners and such

Technically, I do more world-building and daydreaming than the actual writing process.
Current Project: Devil's Rise (title subject to change)

My taste is not that varied...not that I can help it I think. I don't think too much when it comes to music. If I like the music, the beat, I like it. Simple as that. Most of the music I like are usually gothic metal, symphonic metal, instrumental metal, or j-pop. Recently trying to get into some classical symphony music.
-Ayumi Hamasaki
-Within Temptation
-Avril Lavigne
-Koda Kumi
-Namie Amuro
-Mika Nakashima
-Hitomi Shimatani
-Linkin Park
-Matchbox Twenty

A favourite pastime, I can easily get absorbed in books.
-Lord of The Rings
-Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan
-Isavaltan Trilogy by Sarah Zettel
-Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb
-Hunter's Blades Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore
-Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice
-Mayfair Chronicles by Anne Rice
-Sun Tzu's Art of War
-Bourne Trilogy by Robert Ludlum
-Pearl Saga by Eric Van Lustbader
-Any of the Dragonlance books by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
-Cloud of Sparrows by Takashi Matsuoka
-Any of Jeffrey Archer's books
-Some books by Patricia Cornwell

[Games (mostly PS2)]
There are a ton of games I've tried and loved. I'll just state the ones worth mentioning though.
-Currently playing: Tales of Legendia
-Final Fantasy VII till X-2. Faves are 7, 8 and 10. All completed except 9 (corrupted memory card issue...sigh).
-Final Fantasy Tactics
-Devil May Cry 3 (sure God of War is technically the better game but...I still love this one more)
-Soul Calibur 3 (best fighting game on the console to date, hands down)
-Suikoden III
-Tales of Eternia
-Dynasty Warriors
-Samurai Warriors
-Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams
-.hack (completed 3, left off at the 4th game)

-Elfen Lied
-Rurouni Kenshin
-Fushigi Yuugi
-Ayashi no Ceres
-Galaxy Angels
-Gensoumaden Saiyuki
-X (the movie)
-Ninja Scroll

Other interests:
-Religion (lol in a way...)
-Dark/gothic, perhaps mildly disturbing elements
-Understanding people's behavior patterns
-Helping those in need if able
-Making friends from all walks of life regardless of race, religion, colour, location etc.
-Random things


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