Ditnopota Ajax
Feb 19, 10 2:41pm
You straightened my ass out on Neoseeker, and I want to thank you for that. I came here thinking I was the shit and that I could get away with whatever I wanted on Neoseeker, and you helped to beat me into shape. I hope you continue to be the best mod out there .
Ammy and Issun Ajax
Feb 17, 09 4:12am
Hey, it's nice to see a fellow Aussie on these forums, i've only ever seen two. You seem like a nice and funny guy, so i decided to sign your guestbook. See ya 'round in the F3 forums!
Darklight505 Ajax
Apr 3, 05 9:45am
What's up Blaziken(I spelled it right:D) Ive seen you around the forum and you're one of the coolest people there is, so I thought I'd sign ya

And now I'll end how I always end:

You know what they say: One good sign deserves another;)
So little time Ajax
Mar 8, 05 4:21am
Ive seen you in the Jak 3 forum and you seem to be one of the coolest people around there. So I thought I might as well stamp your guest book
see you

P.S pm me if you want to be friends